Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Our Governors “Dig Deep Day”

Published: 23rd March 2018

We start with a THANK YOU …. to all the parents and carers who were able to join us at the start of day, not always easy on a Monday morning with work commitments and after a busy weekend! We value all your contributions, in person or otherwise, and rely on your input to help us keep moving the school in the right direction for your child(ren).

  • The ‘Dig Deep Day’ does what it says on the tin! Once a year, the Governors spend a full day at school, seeing the creativity, listening to the interactions and getting a taste of the learning in the classrooms, chatting with the children and looking to pick up on any needs which are more easily identified from seeing the staff and children in action; delving a little deeper into the school day environment to support the meetings and discussions we have throughout the year.
    We were kept very busy, there was so much to see – we…
  •  visited each class for their first lesson of the day,
  • joined the whole school assembly,
  •  were invited to lunch (they really have improved the quality immensely!),
  •  spent break times with the children and their playground buddies (despite the cold!),
  • had a very informative and in depth conversation with the School Council;
  • met with individual members of staff regarding their lead in areas of the curriculum;
    …after lunch we settled down for the Full Governing Board meeting; the main points we covered were recent budget updates which our Resource team will continue to commit their time and thoughts to across the next few weeks. Also on the agenda was an update on the great progress of the building works – creating improved indoor space for our fifth classroom (currently home to the Skylarks), a technology/focused learning area and the outside work on the playground – all so beneficial when complete, soon after Easter.

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