“Let every light shine” Matt. 5 v 16

UEA Lecturers 2023

On the 8th December Mrs Welch eent with 7 children from year 6 to deliver the RE lecture to this year’s cohort of PGCE students at the UEA.  Our children stood at the front of a lecture theatre full of adults and talked clearly and confidently about their knowledge of RE, demonstrating all our Alpington values in action.  Well done and a big thank you to all. 

We have received the following from Alison Bayton who organised the lecture: 

“Thank you so much for Alpington’s contribution to our RE lecture this morning. One of the students in the next workshop described it as “her favourite lecture of the year” and I think the presentation by the Year 6s was the most significant thing there. She is training to work in EYFS, but commented that they had made her change her mind about the possibilities of working with Year 6 (she’s always dismissed it previously) 

Thank you to the parents who acted as drivers and audience members. 

Thank you to the Year 6s – they spoke so confidently and demonstrated the religious literacy required by the curriculum so well. The shared excellent subject knowledge but more importantly showed maturity, respect and their ability to think critically. They are an absolute credit to the teaching in your school and you must feel so proud of them. (I hope that they are proud of themselves and enjoyed cake and the Sainsbury Centre (in no particular order!) 

Thank you to the Reception children – I felt there was so much wisdom in their comments and they were adorable. Again, the quality of teaching shines through. 

Thank you to whoever made the videos – They would have taken me forever. 

Thank you to the reporters and the staff who shared their views. 

Thank you to you – for your commitment and support to our Primary PGCE Programme. 

Thank you everyone”