Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

School Council

The School Council is a flourishing part of our school life.

KS1 and KS2 classes nominate and vote for their Councillors in the Autumn Term: a boy and girl from each class.
We meet regularly to discuss any issues that have been raised by classmates, and to organise upcoming events.

The School Council is one of the ways in which we exercise our Courageous Advocacy: raising money and awareness for local, national and international needs.

The impact of listening to our pupils in this way is amazing.

2020 / 21

Our new school council met for the first time on Friday 2nd October.  We have to be careful about social distancing, so we held our first meeting outside around our new fire pit!

This term we will be working on a new “child friendly” anti bullying policy and making a video to share it with the school and our parents.  Watch this space for updates!

Our school council members this term are Sonny, Florence, Eden, Millie, Sophia, Matilda, Miles, Charlotte and Knox.


Friday 9th October

This week the school council began our project to produce a new anti bullying policy for the children in our school. We began with a discussion around what bullying is.  The children explained that bullying can take many forms “physical – like hitting and hurting, or emotional – that means hurting your feelings” explained Sonny.  “It’s when you make someone feel ugly or worthless” explained Matilda.  Florence added “Bullying is when it happens over and over again.  When your friends fall out, that’s not bullying.”  Miles and Sophia both knew that leaving someone out on purpose over and over again could be a kind of bullying.  Eden talked about how bullying can be a gang of people “against one person”.  We also talked about how bullying can be online or using a mobile phone.

The school council could explain really clearly the things in our school that prevent bullying.  “Our code of conduct” said Matilda.  “Treat others as you would like to be treated” said Charlotte.  “That means no bullying”.

School Code of Conduct  2019

Next week we will talk about how we can spot bullying and help to make it stop.  We will talk about how the adults in our school and at home can make sure this happens.