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School Council

The School Council is a flourishing part of our school life.

September 2022

This year we are changing the way school council works.  We want to make sure that as many children as possible have the opportunity to take part in school council and that the council reflects the concerns and issues that are really important to the children in our school.

This term we have 3 committees of our school council.

Fairness committee, who want to focus on equality in school and in our wider community.

Eco Team, who want to make sure that our school is building towards a sustainable future.

Collective Worship Team, who support the planning and prayers in collective worship

Community Club, who are helping to take Alpington out to our local community, and invite the local community in!

This changes regularly, but the current project is raising money for McMillan Cancer Support as all the children involved have been affected by cancer over recent months.

The School Council is one of the ways in which we exercise our Courageous Advocacy: raising money and awareness for local, national and international needs.

The impact of listening to our pupils in this way is amazing.

October 2022

Please click here to take part in our children’s survey

Swallows, Owls and Eagles:

Kingfishers and Robins

May 2022

Please click here to take part in our children’s survey–lUMjNFVldLNUo0RlNWM09EWDhUWDFZMDc2OC4u

December 2021

The Eco Team met last week to write letters to ask companies and institutions to reduce their plastic use.  The children wrote to Norwich City Council to ask them to turn off their lights after hours, especially when so many employees are working from home.  We also wrote to Amazon, the toy shop in Beccles and Norse who provide our school lunches.  We will let you know as soon as we have any replies.

Please click here to see the Cluster Eco Team news letter.  We are meeting again on 2nd December when we will hopefully be able to share details of our litter pick and Christmas Jumper swap.  Watch this space for photographs from across the cluster.

Cluster newsletter

Cluster newsletter update

November 2021

It’s Eco week!  Please click here to see what we have been up to!

October 2021

We had our first Cluster Eco Committee meeting today.  It was great to meet with the Eco Teams from Loddon Junior, Woodton, Ellingham and Thurton Primary Schools and hear all their great ideas and share our own.  A news letter will be published very soon – watch this space!

Here at Alpington we have been designing Eco Logos to go on Alpington Eco Coffee Cups!  We are hoping to collect photographs of our Eco Cups being used in the most extraordinary places and share them here on our website.

We also have plans for a Christmas Jumper Swap, alongside all the other cluster schools.

After half term we will be launching our project to reduce the amount of plastic waste at school and at home.  The whole school will be getting invlolved in our Eco Week which begins on the 8th November.  Lots more details to follow.

2020 / 21

Summer term

Thursday 27th May

Today was our Alpington Action day.  The school council led a fantastic whole school collective worship outside this morning, making sure that everyone is clear about what bullying is and how to stop it.  Then this afternoon the whole school went on an antibullying protest march around the village!

More information can be found on the events page – click here.


Thursday 6th May

Today school council met to use our new email address to send messages to other local schools to see if they would like to join us for our “Alpington Action” day on the 27th May.  We are planning to make anti-bullying posters and banners and to go on a march around the village.  Each class is also planning a day of action, working to improve lives and the environment in our local community and beyond.  We will update you with our plans as they develop!

If you know of a school who might like to take part, please let us know.  You can now contact the school council directly on

Friday 30th April

Thank you to everyone who completed our antibullying questionnaire.  We are really pleased that so many children are now feeling confident that they know what bullying is and what to do if they see it happening.  The link to our video is further down the page if you would like to watch it again.

We had a really exciting school council meeting today!  School council have decided to run a poster competition to help make sure that we don’t forget the key messages from our Anti Bullying video – “see it, Say it, Stop it”.  Each class is going to watch the film again and then create posters.  School council will choose the best from each class to be published and displayed around the school.

The school council were concerned that bullying is a bigger problem than just our school.  “It’s all around the world” explained Matilda “Like racism and Black lives Matter” said Florence.  We decided that it would be a good idea to have an anti bullying protest.  “We can make posters and banners and take them all around the village” said Charlotte, “like we did about the palm oil”.  The children want to write to other school councils to see if their schools would like to take part in our Anti Bullying protest too.  Florence suggested we should write to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Education to ask for their support.  We also talked about the possibility of using social media to spread our message of love and friendship across the world!

Watch this space for more information! We are meeting again next week and will be publishing our ideas as we go.

Spring Term

Monday 8th February

School council have met twice via Teams this term to put the finishing touches to their Anti-Bullying video and policy.  They have sent a message to all the children asking them to watch and read and to add their comments to an antibullying quiz.

Dear Alpington primary 

  At Alpington Primary friendship is really important to us.  We want everyone to be kind, thoughtful and caring to each other.  We want to make sure that if anyone is sad or has worries that there is a friend or grown up ready to listen and to help. 

 The school council have made a video to help us make sure that there is no bullying at our school. 

Click here to watch it!  We hope you like it.

We also made a written down policy.  You can look at it on the website or by clicking here.  Please have a look.

 Please take our Anti Bullying quiz!  We want to make sure that everyone knows how to stay safe from bullying and we really want to know your ideas.–lUNk1RQTNRTlQ2N0c1MTVNUzNNQlRXNjFaRC4u

We know that sometimes bullying can happen online and lots of children are learning at home at the moment.  If you have any worries you can talk to a family member, your teacher or tell someone at school council or anyone that you trust.   

 Thank you for watching and sharing 

 Sonny, Florence, Millie, Eden, Matilda, Sofia, Miles, Charlotte and Knox 

Aplington School council. 

Autumn Term

Our new school council met for the first time on Friday 2nd October.  We have to be careful about social distancing, so we held our first meeting outside around our new fire pit!

This term we will be working on a new “child friendly” anti bullying policy and making a video to share it with the school and our parents.  Watch this space for updates!

Our school council members this term are Sonny, Florence, Eden, Millie, Sophia, Matilda, Miles, Charlotte and Knox.


Friday 9th October

This week the school council began our project to produce a new anti bullying policy for the children in our school. We began with a discussion around what bullying is.  The children explained that bullying can take many forms “physical – like hitting and hurting, or emotional – that means hurting your feelings” explained Sonny.  “It’s when you make someone feel ugly or worthless” explained Matilda.  Florence added “Bullying is when it happens over and over again.  When your friends fall out, that’s not bullying.”  Miles and Sophia both knew that leaving someone out on purpose over and over again could be a kind of bullying.  Eden talked about how bullying can be a gang of people “against one person”.  We also talked about how bullying can be online or using a mobile phone.

The school council could explain really clearly the things in our school that prevent bullying.  “Our code of conduct” said Matilda.  “Treat others as you would like to be treated” said Charlotte.  “That means no bullying”.

School Code of Conduct  2019

Next week we will talk about how we can spot bullying and help to make it stop.  We will talk about how the adults in our school and at home can make sure this happens.

Friday 6th November

Today the school council organised our non-uniform day for BBC children in need.  They wrote the e-mail to parents and designed posters.

Friday 13th November

We continued our discussions around bullying at our school council meeting today.  We talked about how someone might feel if they were being bullied.  We thought that they might feel helpless, worried, nervous, scared, left out, sad and afraid.

We also talked about what teachers or other children might see if a child was being bullied. It was easy to see the signs of physical bullying, but we had to think harder about how someone might behave if the bullying was hurting their feelings, or online.  “They might go and be by themselves.  They might cry where no one can see” said Sophia.  “They could go to the loos and hide by themselves” explained Miles.  “I think if it was me I wouldn’t want to talk about it” Sonny added.

We made a list of all the people we could tell if some one was being bullied.  It included our parents, teachers, TA’s, friends, older brothers or sisters, lunchtime staff and Mrs Welch.  “If you don’t tell it can just get bigger and bigger” said Charlotte.  We also explored reasons why it might be difficult to tell.  “You would have to go right out and see the bully again” said Sonny. “The bully would say ‘if you tell I will hurt you more'” suggested Florence.  We agreed that even though it was difficult, it was really important to tell someone about bullying.  “Your grownups will work together to make it stop – always” said Mrs Welch.

We agreed what should happen if some one was being bullied.

  • Mrs Welch should be told.
  • The bully’s parents should be told.
  • The person being bullied should be listened to and their worries and fears heard
  • Mrs Welch should speak to the bully and explain that the behaviour has to stop.
  • Grown ups all around the school should watch to make sure the bullying has stopped.  This could mean watching places in school where it is easier to hide like the gazebo or the toilets.
  • The bully should apologise and mean it.
  • The Bully might need some help too
  • The grownups should keep checking to make sure the bullying has stopped

Next time we are going to start putting all of this into a policy to share with our classes.

Friday 27th November

Today we had a catch up about school in general.  We talked about what was going well with our learning.  Charlotte and Knox talked about the Nativity film they are making.  Knox said that maths was his favourite, but Charlotte loves choosing time on a Friday.  “We are making pompoms” she explained.  In key stage 2 there was much excitement about Queen Elizabeth I visit to school next week.  The children from Swallows and Owls talked in detail about how much they have learnt about Norwich and all the preparations they have made for the Queen’s visit.  Eagles class have been learning about Robert Kett and his rebel army.  They explained all about the Cunnigham map of Norwich and how they had used it to explore how Norwich had changed over time.

We also talked about the lockdown, Coronavirus and how it is all making us feel.  Some children explained that they were worried about mums and dads going back to work.  “My dad is opening the shop again.  It wasn’t fun before because mum was really stressed and now the puppy will be at home alone”.  “My dad is a bit poorly so I worry what might happen”. This week the teachers are going to give all the classes time to talk about anything that is worrying or concerning them.

The children were confident that they were safe in school, explaining “we wash our hands a lot – all the time”, “Teachers clean things very often, like the desks every playtime” and “we have to not play with the other class.  We keep a distance.  In our own class it’s ok.”  However they did explain that the toilets was not always easy. “There is lots of children and sometimes it’s hard to wait.”  Since the meeting we have reduced the size of the group that can go and wash their hands at any one time.  We have also introduced a new “no waiting rule” if there are children from another class there.  We go back to class and wait there until there is room.  “It can be quicker if we use the extra toilet too.  Maybe we can clean in between”.  Mrs Welch agreed this was a good idea and additional cleaning of touch points is now happening during the day.

Well done everyone for excellent explaining and great ideas.