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Events for: November 2020

BBC Children in Need 2020

Friday 13th November 2020

The children looked great in their own clothes today for the BBC Children in Need appeal.  It was a lovely opportunity to celebrate what makes us all individual and unique!  If you have not already done so, the link for your donations is here.



Thank you for your support,
sincerely School Council

“Active Challenge” Sponsored event.

Thursday 19th November 2020

Alpington Primary are taking part in a sponsored Active Challenge on Thursday 19th November to raise money for The Friends of Alpington. Each class has chosen a different event and on the day they will endeavour to keep this up continuously for as long as possible! As well as being lots of fun and raising some money for our school, this will keep us active and sporty while some of our clubs outside of school are unable to happen.

The children will be practising their skills in school and if you would like to do some practice at home too that would be awesome!

Eagles class – continuous badminton challenge
Owls Class – bouncing basketballs challenge
Swallows Class – obstacle course challenge
Kingfishers Class – circle throw and catch challenge
Robins Class – scooter challenge

There are 360 available minutes in the school day and 135 children working in shifts. We are aiming to see how many minutes we can accumulate for each class.

We will keep you updated of our progress on the day, with photographs, video and children’s comments via this page – watch this space!

All the money raised will go to The Friends, who support the school in a whole variety of ways, including paying for music and French, subsidising school visits and experiences and contributing towards the cost of bigger projects to improve the school and the learning environment. The work of The Friends genuinely means that we can afford to do and have things that the school’s allocated budget would otherwise not cover. Currently we are raising money towards making big improvements to Robins’ class outside area, increasing the size and range of outdoor activities they will have access to directly from their classroom door, and improving the access to this for Kingfishers’ class too. We plan to move the climbing wall and monkey bars so that they are more accessible to all the children the whole year round. We are also raising money for new school tablets, to replace the i-pads we have in school which are now out of date. These are used daily by all classes in school, supporting the practice of key skills, computing and coding and creative projects.

The summer and Christmas fairs are the school’s biggest fundraising events and both have had to be cancelled this year (although we are going ahead with a Christmas fair for the children in school time). I know that the COVID 19 crisis has had an impact on everyone’s finances, but anything you can contribute will enable us to keep those extra experiences that are so valuable to our children.

So we can use the hall all day, children will be eating lunch in their classrooms on this day.  The lunch choice will therefore be school packed lunches only.

Please click here to sponsor your class!–lUNlExWjhYQVI5VkMyWEZDM0hXN0hJV1gxUy4u

Eagles have been busy practising for Thursday!

Active Challenge day

Thursday 19th November 2020

Alpington’s Active challenge is underway!

All our classes have got their active challenges underway.

Totals so far

Eagles – 120 minutes

Owls – 150 minutes

Swallows – 150 minutes

Kingfishers – 60 minutes

Robins – 170 minutes and counting!

Grand total at 11.30 am – a fantastic 650 minutes of non stop action!  Well done everyone and keep it up…..

Click here for the latest news flash!

News flash! Alpington Primary School Active Challenge from Rosie Welch on Vimeo.

This video is also available on our Stream Channel

So far we have received £865 in pledges to sponsor our challenge.  It is not too late to add your sponsorship – use the link in the newsletter.


The children have all worked so hard today!

Eagles class totted up 180 minutes of continuous badminton with 4 children taking part at a time – that’s a massive total of 720 minutes in total.  The record rally was 60 – yes 60 strokes long and was between Alexander and Sonny.  Fantastic effort everyone.

Owls class recorded 195 minutes of continuous basketball bouncing, with 3 children bouncing and 2 counting at any one time.  The grand total is therefore a whopping 585 total active minutes and an incredible 25 058 bounces.  Great job Owls.

Swallows have braved the elements today, taking part in a continuous obstacle course around the field.  They managed 195 minutes of continuous activity, with 5 children taking part at a time – that’s a total of 975 minutes!  What an amazing total.  They are all tired, happy and more than a little bit muddy!

The Kingfishers took their throwing and catching challenge by storm this morning, totting up a total of 60 minutes but with all the children taking part at the same time.  Team work, throwing and catching skills, resilience and determination in equal measure were they keys to their success.  A grand total of 1740 minutes!

Robins class have scooted through all weathers today.  Not deterred by rain, mud or cold they managed an amazing 180 minutes of continuous scooting!  With 6 scooters on the go at a time, that’s 1080 minutes altogether – what an awesome effort.  James and Arthur were the most improved scooters, showing resilience and courage to keep on trying!

So a grand total today of 5100 minutes, or 85 hours of active challenge at Alpington today!  Great effort everyone!

We are so proud of all the children today and thank you so much for all your sponsorship support.  It really makes a difference!