Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Sports events

Curling Competition

Curling competition

Alpington v. Thurton


We are proud to announce that Kingfishers Class took part in the inaugural curling competition with children from Thurton Primary school!  The event took place via teams, with children from both schools taking part at the same time in their respective school halls.

Working in teams of 5, the children took turns sliding their “stones” to the target, with Mr Barbour at Thurton and Mr Colbeck at Alpington furiously brushing the floor to keep them travelling smoothly!

We were really proud of the way all the children took part and cheered each other on.   Kingfishers played well, but in the end the experience of the Thurton team was key and they were the clear winners.  Congratulations Thurton – we will be back next time!


Rugby, swimming and cross country

The sporting calendar at Alpington and Bergh Apton has been very busy.  Over the last couple of weeks we have had children representing the school at county level for cross country and at cluster level for swimming.  The rugby team have taken part in 2 successful competitions and every child in from year 1 to year 4 took part in a badminton festival.  The children were recognised both for their skill and their sporting behaviour.  Well done to everyone – we are really proud of you all.

It was a very sunny day at Holkham Hall cross country finals. As we lined up there were 80 people in each race and we were a bit nervous! Every mum and dad came to watch us. Harry came 21st, Ellie came 38th and Archie came 27th. All of us had a great time!

Report by Ellie and Harry.






Rugby was a tough day for all of us but I think everyone enjoyed it! We won three of seven games and we came eleventh out of fourteen in the small school competition. The weather wasn’t the best but we coped and carried on. I thought everyone played really well and were unlucky with our placement. Some of the teams we played against had children who play rugby every weekend for rugby clubs. Overall everyone played brilliantly and it was a great day.

Report by Tommy H and Amelia






The swimming was so much fun!  When we realised that we had made it to the South Norfolk Swimming competition and were representing the Hobart Cluster we were bursting with joy!  Watching the other swimmers just shows how much talent the children around South Norfolk have!  The teachers are all so encouraging and gave us a boost of confidence.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cluster swimming galas.  We came first place in the medley relay and Sonny came second in breast stroke.

Report by Sonny and Louisa