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EAGLES – Autumn Term 2021

Letter for Parents – Autumn 2021

                                                                                                                                          September 2021

Dear Parents,

This term, our topic is ‘Archaeology’. In this unit we will be focussing on the Ancient Egyptians, fossils, evolution and inheritance and rivers (The Nile).  If you have any interesting resources, please send them in. Much of the children’s learning will be cross-curricular which should mean that the learning will be meaningful, interesting and fun for the whole class. Some subjects (RE, French and maths and aspects of science) will be taught separately to guarantee that all the necessary statutory objectives are covered by the end of Key Stage 2.

Timetable – There is a complete copy of the class timetable on the Eagles page of the school website. On Tuesday afternoons, Madam Brown will teach French.  This will be followed by music, taught by Mr Cooper (for the first term and a half). The children will continue playing the ukulele – they will be provided with an instrument by the school. Could you please ensure that your child brings in their instrument on Tuesdays and takes it home the same day.

PE – PE will be on a Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit on this day.  It is important that your child has appropriate clothing such as jogging bottoms, jumpers, gloves and a light waterproof jacket if the weather is inclement. If, for some reason, your child cannot participate in PE, please send a note or see me in the morning.

Art and DT – Ms Godbold will teach Art and DT on Thursday afternoons. Each year group will be taught on alternate Thursdays. In the week when they are not doing art they will be doing reading comprehension with me (see below).

Reading – Your child will be given a ‘Group Reader’ appropriate to their ability. Reading homework, as well as any reading tasks, will be explained in your child’s homebook. It is essential that your child reads their ‘Group Reader’ or their own reading book every day. It is also recommended that they read with an adult regularly to check their understanding of the text and help with decoding if necessary. Details of their group and when they read have been written in the front of their homebook and the full timetable is on the Eagles page of the school website.  

Spellings & Mental Maths – Your child has been assessed and grouped accordingly for both spellings and mental maths. Some spelling groups will have quite demanding words which the children need not only to spell but also to understand the meaning of. I will try to help with this as much as possible in class, however, your support will also be useful in order that your child fully understands the words they are learning. This term spelling tests will be on a Wednesday and mental maths will be on a Friday. Mental maths targets, practise tests and spelling lists will be stuck in your child’s homebook.

Homework – Every other week your child will be set some reading comprehension homework which will be due in 2 weeks hence. Your child will also have reading homework, details of which will be set out in their homebook. They will also have other pieces of homework, which will be, again, detailed in their homebook.

If you have any questions, concerns or queries, I am available both before and after school.

Michael Stowers                 


Autumn timetable

Group Reading Timetable – Autumn