Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Class Kingfishers

Week beginning 1.6.20

Pinch, punch, first of the month! How on earth have we got to June?

This half term we are going to continue with the theme of water but join forces with the other classes to embark on a school wide project. This has been planned to try and make home learning tasks a bit more cohesive for families with children in different year groups but also to enable teachers to spread the responsibilities of managing home learning and teaching in school as classes begin to be welcomed back.

Please e-mail pictures and work to  Please don’t send anything you don’t give permission to be posted on the Kingfishers page of the website.

If you haven’t already please visit these pages on our website as well:

Mr Colbeck is posting PE videos regularly, you can find them here…

Mrs Welch has got some brain teasers to get you thinking on our ‘Thought for the week’ page…


Key skills to practice:



Y1- Practise your phase 5 sounds

Y2- Practise your spelling



Continue reading as much as you can. The children can either read to themselves or an adult or be read to.


  • Monday- Make a mindmap of all the words you can think of relating to ‘water’. Y1s – 15 or more words, Y2s- 20 or more words. (Helpful hints: bodies of water, what can you do in/on water, what is water used for, how does water move?)
  • Tuesday- As you will find it with our ‘Wonderful World of Water’ topic work this week, clean water is very important to our everyday lives without it we wouldn’t survive. Enjoy watching and listening to Why Water is Worth It by Lori Harrison, can you make a list of all the ways we use clean water and what we need it for?
  • Wednesday- Imagine your drop character is brand new to their job of being a water droplet. Can you write them a list of instructions or directions explaining what will happen to them?

Eg. First, you will drip out of the tap and into…


Year 1 Maths

3D Shape Sorting: Watch the following video on sorting 3D shapes.

Monday- Read, discuss and answer the questions on 3D shape sorting on the ‘Diving’ question card.

Tuesday- Read, discuss and answer the questions on 3D shape sorting on the ‘Deeper’ question card.

Wednesday- Read, discuss and answer the questions on 3D shape sorting on the ‘Deepest’ question card.

3D Shape Sorting


Year 2 Maths

Monday- 10 times table challenge. Watch the following video and remind yourself of the thinking behind x10 Then try these 10x table challenges, for an extra challenge why not time yourself and see if you can get a personal best! 10x Tables Tests

Tuesday- Thinking about sharing. Watch the following video and remind yourself of how we share amounts into equal groups. Then try these Division Cards.

Wednesday- Continuing with yesterday’s learning about sharing and grouping. Watch this next video and then try these Division Challenge Cards.

Be active

  • Join in with Joe Wicks’ PE lessons.

  • Join Jamie for some Cosmic Kids yoga.

  • Have a go at Andy’s Wild Workouts


Topic jobs and being creative:

Please see our new whole school home learning project, ‘The Wonderfully Wet World of Water’.
New activities available now!