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Autumn 2021

Mental Maths

Tuesday 12th October: Spellings (to be tested on Tuesday 19th) – there will be no mental maths over half term. 

These groups will be reviewed on the first week back after half term. It is important that children know the multiplication and division facts for each times table. They should be able to recall quickly and fluently so please take time to practice.









Thursday 14th October Spellings (to be tested on Thursday 21st October)





Welcome to Owl Class. I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and managed to have lots of family fun. I have been so impressed with how the children have come into class this week. They have shown all of our class values: empathetic, curious, thoughtful, courageous, resilient and aspirational, and have really started the year as they mean to go on.

We are about to embark on another fantastic year, and we have lots of brilliant learning planned. The curriculum map gives you more detail about our topic which is ARCHAEOLOGY, but first a few practical details.

A timetable is supplied at the bottom of this page, but I will run through a few routines here:

I will be teaching Monday – Thursday with Mrs Blazer, Mrs Godbold and Mrs Green helping throughout the week. On a Friday, the children will be with Mrs Blazer and Mrs Godbold for registration, and then will have Mr Colbeck for PE. After break, they will have music with Mr Cooper and on a Friday afternoon they will be with Mrs Green and Mr Blazer who will dismiss them at the end of the day.

Children can come into school in their PE kits on Fridays. Appropriate clothing (school PE kit) must be worn. As winter draws near, the weather will begin to turn cold and wet, so please ensure your child has jogging bottoms, jumpers, gloves and light waterproof jackets. I will also be teaching a PE lesson on a Thursday afternoon after half term, but will send a text out as a reminder for children to arrive in PE kits on this day as well.

Madame Brown will teach French on a Tuesday afternoon.

So, our topic: archaeology!

This incorporates learning about the skills of an archaeologist and then the discoveries of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We will learn about their achievements and the importance of the Nile during this period and today. Much of the children’s learning will be cross-curricular, meaning we can make clear links between our previous and new learning. We will be incorporating our curriculum values (resilient, curious thoughtful, empathetic, courageous and aspirational) and I hope the children will be able to tell you all about their learning when at home. Some subjects (French and some aspects of maths and science) will have to be taught separately to guarantee that all the objectives are covered by the end of Key Stage 2.

I will be updating Tapestry and the ‘Owls In Action’ page regularly, so please do take a look from time to time. The pictures and work on there will be useful for initiating a conversation with your child about their learning and their time at school.



The children will continue to read regularly in class (see guided reading timetable below) with a member of staff and receive regular reading homework. The children may also receive reading comprehension tasks associated with their reading homework which will be written and completed in the child’s ‘Home Book’. It is important that you check your child has completed both of these as they are crucial to support their understanding and progress. It is essential that your child reads their ‘Group Reader’ or their own reading book every day. It is also recommended that, despite their fluency, children read with an adult regularly, to check their understanding of the text.


Your child has been assessed and grouped accordingly for spellings. These will be set and tested every Thursday – the first lists will be handed out on Thursday 16th September ready for testing on the 23rd September. Once again, it is vital that your child takes times to learn these, so they become embedded into their English work. Be creative with learning – writing out in chalk, repeating in the car, using pens in the baths – any way to engage them.

Mental Maths

This first few weeks will be time for us to work out where the children are and what aspects and concepts of their learning they need to work on. Once we are clear with the individual needs, we will group the class for mental maths. They will be given a mental maths target which they are to practise and embed ready for a test the following week. These will be handed out on Tuesdays (beginning 21st September) and tested the following Tuesday. Please support your child by helping them to learn and secure these key facts, as these will help your child become more efficient and improve their reasoning skills within the lesson.


We like to have an inhaler in the class for each child who has asthma. Please ensure that your child brings one into class immediately and that it is current and up to date. There is a form to complete which you can get from the office.

Out priority is that all the children feel safe and happy in school. If you have any worries or concerns, please email the office or use the email

Many thanks,

Miss Betts

Autumn 2021 Timetable

Guided reading timetable

Owls Curriculum Map