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Week 2 beginning 11th January

New 14th Jan

The copies of Twist of Gold have arrived in school! There is one copy for each of you, along with a journal and a black pen. A note accompanies the pack to tell you how to use your journal! Please come and collect them between 9 – 10am, 11 – 12pm or 1 – 3pm. Many thanks!

I have recorded a little message on STREAM to introduce this week’s learning. I have tried to put the weeks activities on this page, but please do check each day as I might add things if needed. I will add mental maths targets on Tuesdays, with the test and new target the week after, and spellings on Thursdays, just like in class. I will email your new mental maths group today. Hopefully you’ve all received your Teams invite for guided reading sessions, beginning Monday 11th. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Remember to post your work on Tapestry or email me using the Owls email address. Can’t wait to see what you get up to this week!

SONG: I have only just watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ and, in our household, we cannot stop listening to the soundtrack! Listen to ‘A million dreams‘ – I find it very uplifting, I hope you will too.


This week we are beginning our new class story ‘Twist of Gold’ by Michael Morpurgo. You will receive your own copy of the book when they arrive in school, but for now, I have recorded the first chapter on our Stream channel and will be adding more videos throughout the week. Remember to play it back if you need to find key words/phrases/evidence.

Here are the activities to use for the week. I would like you do to a one lesson of English a day, but this can be between reading, spelling and writing. Remember to keep any writing or drawing neat and accurate, with a date and title. You might like to cut out each activity instructions and use them as your title in your topic books. Activities: Twist of Gold 1

New 12th Jan Here is the link to the second reading of Twist of Gold – this will help you with task 2 and 3.

New 13th Jan Here is the link to the chapters 4 and 5 of Twist of Gold. Here is an Example letter from Sean’s Mother which will help you with task 5. You may magpie any words or phrases to use in your own. Empathetic and courageous historian: Use this OneNote page to give your opinions on what Sean and Annie would do. 

Extension activity: The beginning of Twist of Gold is set at the time of the Potato Famine in Ireland. Go on-line and see what you can find out about it. Remember to use the words ‘for children’ when searching, so you are given child friendly information. There are also some videos if you click the top tap on google. Use key research questions like: who, what, when, where, why etc. It is a very sad and potentially upsetting bit of history so make sure you have an adult to help you with this research bit.

New 12th Jan: Family discussion (Empathetic and aspirational citizens)

Sean and his family are suffering from ‘the hunger’ as the potato crop has failed and there is not enough food to feed the communities. The story is set in the 1840’s, however hunger is still a problem in our society today and many families do not have enough food to eat each day. Children are going to school hungry and even to bed hungry. The footballer, Marcus Rashford, has been campaigning for children to continue to have free school meals during lockdown AND during the holidays. Watch him speaking about his upbringing on CBBC Newsround and how this has inspired him to help others. Talk with your family about what you are thankful for in your life but also about what you could do at home to help support those who do not have enough food.

Modal Verbs

Watch the clip from the BBC  – there are some short exercises on here too.

You might like some extra practise using Natural Curriculum: Use the tabs 1,2 and 3 to explore modal verbs

Modal verb activities:

Modal verbs – there are different levels of difficulty so chose the one you feel most confident with, but also give yourself a little challenge.

Modal verbs 2

Key facts:

New 14th Jan Spellings: to be tested at home on 21st January (no changes to spelling groups please!)





Find a different way to practice your spellings!  You could see if you can write the worlds craziest sentence using as many of the words as possible, create a picture where the words are part of the drawing, make a poster or practice by typing them each at least 5 times, making each word a different colour and font! See Owls in Action page for some ideas from Florence, Susan and Tommy H!


Key facts:

Mental maths targets will be uploaded each Tuesday – with the tests the following week. Please take time to learn and embed these.

New 11th Jan







New 11th Jan Take a look at the Corbett Maths website – it has daily quick tasks levelled from bronze to platinum so you can really challenge yourself appropriately! I will use the ‘lesson videos’ and questions in a few weeks alongside our other resources.

Use Topmarks: this is a great website for everything from rounding, to table practise and shapes.

Remember to practise your multiplication facts using Rockstar maths. I have set up a BATTLE between Owls boys and Owls girls…it will end Sunday at 6pm….GET PLAYING!!

Daily tasks:

I have made a PowerPoint of starters – these are quick activities to get your brain thinking and your key facts in full swing. There is a different activity for each day. Maths mental starters 1

This week, we are looking at area of shapes. These handy posters have all the key facts on them – they might be helpful for the week’s work.




Watch the clip from the BBC to help explain what area is. Then use the White Rose video to help teach you how to work the area. There are lots of questions to answer on here so make sure you have a whiteboard or paper ready.

BBC Clip 1

White rose teaching: Area

Have a think about which activity suits your skills – work your way through each activity carefully.

Y4 Monday

Y5 Monday

Extension Monday


Investigate all the different shapes you can make using an area of 10cm(squared)? What is the perimeter of each? Can you make the largest and smallest perimeter but still with only 10cm(squared) area?

You could use your squared paper or you could use this webpage to help you investigate – you could copy them onto squared paper and stick in your maths books.

New 11th Jan In class, we investigated the area and perimeter of our first names using a width of 3cm and a height of 5cm. Why not try this at home?

Extension: Can you find the missing lengths from the area? Missing lengths(1)


Year 4 or anyone who didn’t do the work on Monday using a formula, you may want to recap using these resources. You can then do the compound shape work on Thursday.

White rose teaching: Area

Y5 Monday

Today we are moving onto looking at compound shapes – where there are 2 rectangles put together. Watch this clip to help explain. Clip 3 – compound shapes

White Rose have another great teaching video!


Easier task: Wednesday easier task

Trickier: Wednesday compound shapes

Extension: Extension Wednesday


Have a go at this area and perimeter problem on Nrich

Or solve some flooring problems here Thursday flooring


Have a go at these SATs style questions – there are 3 levels of difficulty. Test base questions

OR watch this White Rose video on irregular shapes



There is quite a lot of work here – probably 2 – 3 days, but see how you get on. Skeleton and muscles

New 12th Jan: Practise naming the bones in the skeleton using this fab website! Label bones

1 A moving-skeleton

2 Scientific Names of Bones

3 Revise – Skeleton Labelling Sheet

extra Bones Word Search

Extra WHAT IF bendy bones

4 Muscles And Moving

5 Build a muscle

Topic: Choose some of the activities below as a little extra.


Geography: Our book, Twist of Gold, begins in Ireland. To get started, here is a blank map of the British Isles. Can you draw in the borders and label the 4 countries of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland? You could also mark in the capitals and other major cities, and even add the major mountains and rivers. See if you can find the country’s flag, populations of the countries of the UK and of Ireland and their areas (in square kilomemtres). Note these carefully on your map and then colour in each countries.  Remember, the Republic of Ireland is a separate country to the UK!

Art: I googled Irish artists and really loved the work of Mary Swanzy (1882–1978).

She was noted for her eclectic style and was one of Ireland’s first abstract painters. Her style uses elements of Cubism and Fauvism. Cubism is a style which uses simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and sometimes collage. Have a go at a cubist picture using this step by step guide – you could use a computer drawing app or paper and pens/pencils.

PE:  Joe Wickes begins his daily PE sessions today – get active with his HIIT workouts. We will have an update from Mr C on Friday, but remember to use this website for some ideas. If you don’t fancy that, you could even go for daily walk or bike ride to get some exercise.

Week 1 beginning 4th January

Owls, here we are again! Back to full lockdown 2:0. I have made a little video to say hello to you all which is on stream. Just remember, we have all been here before and we got through it…we can do it again! In class, we talked about all the positive things that have arisen despite all the hardships of 2020 – love, communication, charity, determination, helping and supporting one another – these are the qualities we need to shine out in the next few weeks, whether in school or at home!

I am always here to for you all – I would love to see your work and hear what you have been up to. We are also here to encourage and support you, so if you have any worries, concerns or issues, please do email me using the class email:

Take care and have some fun!

Miss Betts

Dear Parents

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for all your wonderful cards, gifts and kind words at the end of last term – it was very generous of you and very much appreciated.

Our topic for this term is ‘Here and There’. 

We will be basing much of our learning around the book ‘Twist of Gold’ by Michael Morpurgo which tells the story of two children who escape the Irish Potato Famine and travel to the American West. We have ordered all the children a copy to have at home, although these will not be ready to collect until next week – we will email you when these arrive.

This topic will be predominately a geography and science topic. We will begin by looking at the human body including ways to keep healthy, and then we move onto the geography of our local area and Ireland. Whether in school or at home, we will then move onto the geography of the United States, focusing on the different landscapes and habitats e.g. Yosemite National Park.

I have uploaded a few activities to get you through this week (see below), but the actual topic work will begin next week with me reading the story on the school’s Stream channel.

I will set new spelling and mental maths targets next week and will email you with your child’s updated groups – please ensure your child learn these key facts – you might like to test your children the following week at home.

It is our intention to keep guided reading going via Microsoft Teams. To begin with, this will be one session a week – it will be a lovely way for the children to interact with each other and myself. Here is the timetable which will begin on Monday 11th January. I will email a link for the Teams meeting by Friday.

GR from home

I am currently in the process of creating some learning packs for the children who will be learning from home. These will be left in alphabetical order in the hall, along with any personal belongings that your child may have left in school together with the contents of their tray e.g. pencil case.  Please come to collect them on Wednesday (6th) between 1.30 – 2.30pm or 3.20 – 4pm. All social distancing rules will need to be maintained and masks worn on site – many thanks.

The children’s learning packs will include two exercise books (topic and maths) and some worksheets which can be completed at any time. Please can we ask that maths work is completed in pencil and any other work can be completed in a suitable writing pen or pencil. The children know we expect them to take pride in their presentation and hope to see them taking care.

Activities and tasks will be posted on this page. Please email any work to the owls email address above. Any example of work will be posted on the ‘Owls in Action’ page – please do keep checking these home learning page, as it is a lovely way to see what everyone has been up to and for the children to feel like they are still part of the class.

Best of luck for this new chapter – please do not hesitate to email me with any worries or concerns.

Best wishes

Miss Betts


This week’s PE with Mr C

Week beginning 6th January


Don’t forget to look at Rockstar Maths and Topmarks for mental maths practise!

We have been looking at perimeter in maths – the measurement of distance around the shape. Watch this short video from the BBC to remind you how to work out the perimeter: BBC PERIMETER

Task 1 calculate perimeter

Extension – working backwards  

Watch the first 2 minutes of this video to help solve the questions in these sheets.

Task 2 rectilinear shapes 

Task 3 More rectilinear shapes

New today….

Have a go at this challenge from NRICH.


You will need a ruler and ideally some squared paper but plain will be fine if you haven’t got any.


New today….

Spellings: to be tested at home on 14th January (no changes to spelling groups please!)





New today….

Can you find a different way to practice your spellings today?  You could see if you can write the worlds craziest sentence using as many of the words as possible, create a picture where the words are part of the drawing, make a poster or practice by typing them each at least 5 times, making each word a different colour and font!

We sometimes find it hard to remember to use accurate punctuation! Complete this sheet to help you practise.

I can use accurate punctuation

With all the rain and flooding at the moment, you might like to try this completing this story called ‘A WATERY WORLD’.



Task 1: In our collective worship, Mrs Welch showed us part of the 2021 new year fireworks display in London. Watch it here! We talked about all the positives to come out of 2020 and living with Covid-19 in our society, and the end message was:

ALL together

JOIN together

HOPE together

LOVE together!

What message would you light up in the skies over Alpington to give everybody hope and positivity? Some of the children in class said: ‘at the end of the storm, comes the rainbow’   ‘There will always be light in the darkness’ 

Have a think about what you would put in lights to help and support our school and local community? Design a bright and eye catching poster with your chosen words – perhaps add some key symbols. Send me a picture of it and I will add onto the Owls in action page. Make sure you put it up in your window at home as well!!


Task 2: This is a strange time again for all of us, and it might make you feel a little funny inside. You might feel on a wave of emotions and have many questions and worries. It is good for us to talk about these worries, although sometimes this can be hard. Listen to THE HUGE BAG OF WORRIES story to see how one little girl dealt with hers!

Have a go at making a worry doll! The lady in the video uses pipe cleaners, but you could use, sticks, pegs or even some paper rolled neatly into pipe cleaner size! If you have collected your learning pack, you will find a wooden dolly peg for you to use too.

If you tell your worry doll all your concerns, it will take the worry away for you!

New today….

Task 3:Do some writing to go with your worry doll.  You could write a story about it, or write instructions so that someone in another class could make one of their own and know how to use it.  See if you can add your work onto Tapestry.

Send me your pictures using the owls email.

New today….

Friday is usually PE day! Hopefully you’re remembering to get some exercise each day (even if it is cold!) – a walk or a bike ride around the local area is good. However if you want something a little more ‘lesson’ based, check out the website below. There are games to play inside, as well as outside games. I particularly like lesson 14 – playing tag rugby outside with socks instead of a belt! I might play that with my children this weekend!!

Have fun guys!!

#ThisIsPE – Supporting Parents to Teach PE at Home