Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Class Owls

Week beginning 30.3.20

Please e-mail pictures and work to  Please don’t send anything you don’t give permission to be posted on the Owls page of the website.

Key skills to practice

Continue to practise your multiplication facts using Rock Star Maths.

CONGRATULATIONS! Year 5 won the battle against Year 6!!! I have set up a new battle….Owl girls v Owl boys!! 

Continue to practise your spellings – look, cover, write, check! Also find the definitions and use accurately in good sentences. Click on the link below. It has been great to see some of you still being tested and getting 10/10.




Read for 20 – 30 minutes – discuss what has happened and what you are enjoying with an adult or sibling.

Listening to books is just as fun (and important) as reading books. Check out David Walliam’s website to listen to extracts, interviews and facts about his stories and characters. Maybe this will be inspire you to write about your own character! Click on the link below.

Watch & Listen

This week’s projects


Remind yourself about conjunctions using the 2 clips below:

What is a conjuction?


Have a go at the worksheet, either writing the sentences out or saying them out loud. Conjunctions

Next step: Write a letter to your class mates (Can you use a range of conjunctions in your writing?) Tell us what you have been doing (school wise and for fun). Tell us what you are missing and what you are looking forward to when all this is over. Remember to edit and improve your writing – write up in neat and decorate with some pictures or patterns. I will post them all on the ‘Owls in Action’ page so please DO NOT include your address or full name.

Here is my letter to you all…

Dear Owls…


Have a go at the ‘pick a number’ activity. You can make it as easy or as hard as you like. Perhaps complete it more than once with different numbers. See the example below if you are stuck – remember not all fractions will work.

Pick a number

Pick a number example

Science – reversible and irreversible changes

Read this webpage to help learn about this topic:

BBC learning

Watch these clips as well:

Clips to watch

Click on the link for the learning activities. You will also need these cards below – there are an easier set and a trickier set – choose your own challenge!

Science Reversible and irreversible changes

Cards to sort…

Differentiated Identifying Changes Activity Sheet

Topic – Vikings (2 week project)

Continue to find out about Viking Gods – make a list of questions to research.

How will you present your findings – PowerPoint? Poster? Word Poster? Painting? Clay?

Be active

Speed bounce

How many can you do in a 30 seconds? If you haven’t got anything to jump over, draw a line and jump high over that!

Send me your scores and I’ll set up a table of results…I wonder who will get the most!

Don’ forget Joe Wickes will keep you and your family fit and healthy each morning at 9am.

Get creative

Make a picture of a Viking funeral using items found in the garden e.g. sticks for the boat, leaves or petals for the fire. Add some labels to explain what happens.

Viking Funeral

How are Viking funeral/burials different to Christian funerals?


If you have time….

Make some Viking bread  – Follow the recipe from to make authentic Viking bread.  

You could also make some biscuits or find some pebbles to paint – can you write/ice them to make Viking runes? Write your name or a secret message for us to solve!

Have a go at Myleene Klass‘ music lesson on YouTube…