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Please check this page to find home learning tasks. There are some tasks to be completed daily and then some topic based tasks for you to select from. Reception children are not required to complete the daily English and Maths tasks but might want to have a go at some of the activities. If you or your adults have any questions or wish to send in photographs of your home learning for the Robins in action class page then please email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Hope to see you again very soon,

Miss Larter

Daily Tasks

  • Phonics 
  • Reading – Share a book with an adult. You could read an ebook from Oxford Owl. Year 1 children might like to select and read a picture book from home and Reception children might like to share a picture book with an adult and try to read some of the more simple words or even spot the tricky words we have learnt so far (I, no, go, to, the, into)



English – Make a ‘thank you’ picture for the recycling collectors to thank them for helping us to recycle. If you are a year 1 you might want to write a short letter of thanks. Start your letter with Dear Recycling Collectors and end it with a smiley face, but do NOT put your name on it. You could leave your picture or letter out next time the recycling collectors visit.

Maths – Explore addition by counting on from a given number. Remember that you are not adding two separate numbers or items together, you are adding to what you already have. At school we have already practiced this by putting one number in our head and then counting on using our fingers.  Year 1-Add-by-counting-on


English – Keep a written or picture diary of everything you and your family throw away during the day. You can use this template to record what you threw away and whether you put it in the rubbish bin or recycling bin.

Maths – Remind yourself of number bonds to 10 by singing the number bond song. Use your number bond knowledge to play hit the button. Year 1 children can also have a go at number bonds to 20 as they will be making number bonds to 20 tomorrow.


English – Look at the things you threw away on the list you created yesterday. Discuss and, if you are able, write about how you could reduce the amount you throw away in the future. What did you throw away the most of? How could you reduce the amount you throw in the rubbish bin? Are there any small changes can make?

Maths –Use your knowledge of number bonds to complete the following problems. Year 1-Finding-and-Making-Number-Bonds


English – Plan a litterless lunch! Draw and, if you can, label a picture of things you could pack for lunch that will not leave any rubbish. For example, packing fruit or veg without packaging, having a drink in a reusable bottle rather than a carton etc. Check out Green Action Centre for ideas:

Maths – Sort through your recycling and make a tally chart to find out which material you recycle the most of. This video shows you how to complete a tally chart.


English – Listen to Miss Larter read ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’. Draw a picture and write a sentence or two to explain what you have learned from the story.

Maths – Recap subtracting from 10 by playing this game. Year 1 children can then subtract from 20. Watch the following video and then see if you can complete these problems.

Topic – Sustainability  (How can we look after the Earth now and for others the future?)

  • Reuse any empty packaging you collected and create something new! Check out Junk Rescue on CBeebies if you need some ideas.
  • Miss Larter has read a story called Tidy which is on the Robins stream page. Go and give it a listen!


  • In school we do a few minutes of mindfulness colouring after lunch to help us focus and relax. Here are some links to some relaxing music if you want to do some mindfulness colouring at home. Disney Piano, KidZen
  • Mr Colbeck has filmed a PE lesson for you all to join in with which is on the school stream so please go and join in!

Key Skills

English Skills

Here are some fun games that children can play at home to practise and reinforces their phonic skills.

Buried Treasure

Phase 2 phonic sounds

Phonics songs

Forest Phonics – Year 1

Can’t get to the library but read all the stories you have at home? Oxford Owl has an extensive free online library.

Maths Skills

(Year 1) Write numbers 1 – 10 in numerals and words on pieces of paper or card. How quickly can you match the numeral and word? Play Fruit Splat to practise your skills.

Watch an episode of Numberblocks Select an episode about a number and write down as many number facts as you can.

We have selected some of our favourite activities and games from the NRICH collection that are ideal for working on at home without a teacher.

At BBC Bitesize you can continue to practise key skills with short daily activities.

Topmarks has a wide range of games and activities available for all ages and year groups to practise key skills independently.

Welcome back and a very happy new year to you all!

THANK YOU for your support last term with the festive events that took place in school, the children had a great time celebrating Christmas together. Also, thank you from everyone in Robins class for all your kind Christmas wishes.  Below are some items regarding the Spring term. Please note that some items are only relevant when school is open.

PE – This term the Robins will continue to have PE on Tuesday mornings with Mr Colbeck. Please make sure you send your child to school in their PE kit on these days.

Topic – This term we are going to be looking at SUSTAINABILITY and finding out how we can make changes to live a more sustainable life and support the future of the Earth.

Phonics and Reading – The children have made great progress with their phonics and reading so far. Your continued support in practising sounds and hearing your child read at home will reinforce their confidence and skills.  We expect the children to be changing their books most days, therefore children must bring their book bag and reading record to school each day.

Pencil Cases  – Please could you make sure that your child has a replenished pencil case in school so that they are only using their own equipment.

Warmest regards,

Miss Larter

Phonics Meeting

Phonics Meeting 2020 PowerPoint

Robins Timetable can be viewed here. Please be aware that this is a timetable for the whole class and therefore Reception children only take part in appropriate activities. Our timetable is also is subject to change, as we operate a flexible schedule to ensure we are meeting the needs of the children.

What to Expect in Reception – This should give you an idea of what your child will be learning during their first term in Reception.