Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Class Robins


Week beginning 18.05.20

Our topic is….PIRATES!

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Key skills to practice


Number skills –

Position and Direction (Year 1) –

  • Learn your left and right. Remember that when you hold up your hands in front of you, your index finger and thumb on your left hand make the shape of a ‘L’ for left.

  • Practise making full, half, (Year 1) quarter and three-quarter turns with your body. Create a basic obstacle course in an outside space. Cover your eyes with a scarf so that you cannot see and ask an adult to direct you from the starting point to the end of your obstacle course using full, half, (Year 1) quarter and three-quarter turns.
  • Can you draw what each of the shapes below would look like when it has made a half turn, a quarter turn and a whole turn.



  • If there are any sounds or tricky words you are working on then why not play a fun game of corners! You will need to find an extra helper for this game. Choose 4 sounds or tricky words and place one in each corner of a room. Play some music and when the music stops ask your helper to shout out one of the words or sounds. You must then run to the correct corner and stand by the sound or word.



  • Write a Clue for Hidden Treasure – Find something that you can use as treasure and hide it somewhere in your house. Can you write a clue describing where the treasure is hidden but without saying exactly where it is?  Give your clue to a family member and see if they can find the treasure.
  • Find out about the different roles of pirates on board a pirate ship such as the Captain, Quartermaster, Swabbie etc. Draw and label, or write, a short description of the roles you have researched.
  • Write a Diary Entry (Year 1) – Find out what life was really like for pirates on board a pirate ship. Did they really have to walk the plank? What did they do all day?  What did they eat? Pretend you are a pirate on board a pirate ship and write a diary entry explaining what life is like.


This week’s project

Find out about pirate ships and complete the worksheet below!

Pirate Ships


Be active


Get creative

  • Create your own pirate ship! Your pirate ship can be big or small, it’s up to you. Why not design your own pirate flag to fly from your ship and don’t forget to give your pirate ship a name. One of Captain Blackbeard’s most famous ships was called Queen Anne’s Revenge. I wonder what will your ship be called?


If you have time….

Learn some fun pirate songs and perform them!

BBC Pirate Songs