Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Class Robins


Week beginning 30.3.20

Please e-mail pictures and work to  Please don’t send anything you don’t give permission to be posted on the Robins page of the website.

Key skills to practice


Practise writing your numbers 0 – 10 and then match each number to an amount for example, 1 pencil, 2 socks, 3 lego blocks etc. As an extra challenge you could try adding two amounts together. Year 1 children could even try to find the doubles of each number.

Practise telling the time to the hour! You could make your own clock and then use it to help you.

You could even play ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ using your clock to show the time. Once you have got the swing of telling the time to the hour you could try half past the hour and maybe even quarter past the hour.


Learn some unknown tricky words from the list below starting left to right.

Have a tricky word Easter egg hunt – Fold a piece of paper into four. Draw an Easter egg to fill each of the four rectangles and then cut them out and decorate them. Write a tricky word you have been learning to read on the back of each Easter egg and then ask an adult to hide them around the house. Try to find the Easter eggs and then shout the word written on the back when you have found each one.  

Read to an adult every day.

Visit the Oxford Owls website and choose a free eBook linked to your book band colour.  What digraphs can you find in your reading today?



Once you can read some tricky words why not have a go at spelling them too. Can you write a sentences using this tricky word?

Year 1 children please see ‘If you have time’ section for more writing.


This week’s project

Find out about animal habitats in the Rainforest and make a poster to show some of your findings. You could research the different layers of the Rainforest and find out about which animals live there. Here is a good place to start:


Be active

Have a go at a 5 Minute Move workout!

You could also create your own egg and spoon race obstacle course, the older you are the trickier your race should be.


Get creative

Make your own Rainforest! You could create your Rainforest outside and use natural resources or you could work inside and make your Rainforest in a box using junk-modelling materials. See if you can add some animals to your Rainforest.


If you have time….

Year 1 children could have a go at planning and writing their own adventure story making sure it has a beginning, middle and end. Enter your stories in the competition at: