Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Class Robins

Our starting topic this term is Growing and Changing. You can check out our learning so far on the Robins in Action page. Thank you very much for sending in the gorgeous pictures of the children as babies. We had great fun guessing who the baby was in each photograph. I have to say that the children were much better at this than the adults!

Although we are starting this term with the topic Growing and Changing we will be closely following all of the children’s ideas and interests, so we may not end the term on this topic. I have linked a Growing and Changing curriculum map for the Year 1 children, however, if the class interests change we may cover some areas of the curriculum slightly differently. For parents of children in Reception, here are some ideas of what you might expect to see your child doing in the Summer term.

Here is the Robins Summer Term Timetable 2021. We have adapted our class timetable and environment slightly this term to ensure that it meets the needs of the children since their return to school in March. We have included extra activities to support the children’s wellbeing, development of motor skills and time that allows them to develop their communication and social skills.

In class we have been using the school curriculum values to talk about our learning:


  •  One of the Robins is missing a maroon hoodie that he wore for non-uniform day. It is age 5 and from Sainsbury’s. If anyone has gained a missing jumper matching this description then it’s owner would be very pleased to hear from you!
  • MISSING JUMPERS! Please could you check the labels in your child’s jumpers to make sure they don’t belong to someone else. We have a few named PE hoodies, in particular, that have gone missing and several unnamed and unwanted hoodies left in school.
  • Please could all children bring a coat to school with them! Some days have started out sunny and then turned wet very quickly so coats are still needed each day.

Phonics Meeting

Phonics Meeting 2020 PowerPoint

Robins Timetable can be viewed here. Please be aware that this is a timetable for the whole class and therefore Reception children only take part in appropriate activities. Our timetable is also is subject to change, as we operate a flexible schedule to ensure we are meeting the needs of the children.

What to Expect in Reception – This should give you an idea of what your child will be learning during their first term in Reception.

Finding things tough?

Childline offers help, support and ideas for children who are worried, frustrated or feeling bad or sad.

Check out their website for all sorts of ideas:

You can also call Childline: 0800 11 11