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Class Swallows

Welcome to Swallows!

You can contact Childline about anything. Whatever your worry, it’s better out than in. They’re there to support you. Clink on the link below to go to their website.

Swallows Class 2022-2023

Spring Term 2023

We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are feeling rested and ready for an exciting term ahead.

Our topic this term is ‘Final Frontier: Space’ and we are looking forward to inspiring the next generation of scientists and astronauts!

Please refer to our latest curriculum map for specific learning goals.

Curriculum Map

Autumn Term 2022

Welcome back to school!

Our first topic ‘Heroes’ offers up a wide range of learning objectives for the children to really get stuck into. A lot of the children’s learning will be cross-curricular which will hopefully make it interesting, meaningful and memorable.

Curriculum Map

A few practical matters to remind you of:

PE – PE is always on a Wednesday with Mrs Green and Friday with Mr Colbeck. On these days the children must come to school in their PE kits. As winter draws near, the weather will begin to turn cold and wet, so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing such as trainers, jogging bottoms, jumpers, gloves and light waterproof jackets. If for some reason your child cannot participate in PE, please send a note or see us in the morning. For safety reasons we ask that children do not wear earrings on PE days and if their hair is below their ears then it must be tied up.

Reading – Your child will read with their ‘Guided Reading’ group once or twice a week. The days your child reads on will be noted in their home book. Each group will read a book chosen from our school library. They will read with an adult in school and be issued reading homework which will be recorded in their home book. It is important their reading homework is completed before their next session as the whole group reads and moves on together.

Mental MathsYour child will receive mental maths targets every Tuesday which will be tested the following Tuesday. The children have been assessed and will be given different targets to practise at home to support their maths lessons in school.

Spellings – Your child will receive new spellings to learn every Friday which will be tested the following Friday. Again, the children have been assessed and will be given spellings we feel give them an appropriate level of challenge and will expand their vocabulary. We expect the children to learn the correct spellings of words but they should also know the meanings and be able to use the words in sentences.

Show and Tell– If your child has something topic related that they would like to share, we will have ‘Show and Tell’ at the end of the day. Show and Tell is a great opportunity for your children to develop their speaking and listening skills. It is important that the item a child brings in is relevant to our learning and works well as a ‘conversation’ piece. The idea is that is not only encourages the owner to talk freely about their item but also inspires listeners to ask questions.

Inhalers and Medicine

We like to have an inhaler in the class for each child who has asthma. Please ensure that your child brings one into class immediately and that it is current and up to date.

If your child requires any medication during the school day, please complete a form at the school office. Mrs Reeman will ensure that any medication is kept safe and that the classroom adults and the first aid trained staff members are notified.


Just a reminder that children in KS2 are no longer eligible for a free piece of fruit or vegetable at break time. If your child would like a snack at break time, please provide a healthy option. As a school, we are trying to limit the amount of single use plastic we produce so something that does not come in a wrapper or packet that cannot be recycled would be much appreciated!

Tapestry and School Website

We will be recording a lot of our learning on Tapestry and our class page ‘Swallows in Action’ on the school website. Please do check to keep up with what we have been doing in school!

Useful Websites

You may find these websites will help support your child’s learning:

Timestable Rockstars– Children have school issued logins. If you do not know your child’s login details, please ask and we can remind you.

Top Marks: Hit the Button– Top Marks is an excellent website for all aspects of learning across subjects. Hit the Button is a particular game on Top Marks which is great for all mental maths strategies.

If you have any questions, we are always available after school or our email address is