Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Hummingbirds in action

Welcome to the Hummingbirds!

We are having lots of fun in school and it is really good to be back! The children are being very sensible and safe, yet we are still able to have fun and carry on in our ‘new normal’.

Take a look at some of the things we have been getting up to…

Week beginning 15th June

After reading and watching ‘A River’ by Marc Martin, we wrote our own versions with better vocabulary and sentence opener. We then designed our own landscapes for our boat to travel through…


We looked at the features of a river. We watched a video and then decided we we would create out own. We found: the source, the mouth, the estuary,  a delta, tributaries, the confluence, flood plain and waterfalls!

Week beginning 8th June

We have been thinking about how to show we still care even though we cannot hug!

During collective worship, we thought about the qualities we needed to grow into good people and where we learn them from. We could display our thoughts in any way we liked…we chose a flower!

We have been brainstorming words and phrases associated with water – we found loads!!

We found rainbow colours in nature and then used prism and torches to refract the light. This made real rainbows!

We have been practising for the virtual sports day.

We have been learning about rivers and the landuse from the source to the mouth of a river. We showed our knowledge and understanding using chalk on the playground.

We wrote acrostic poems about LOCKDOWN and used the computers to type them up. Click on the pictures or link to enjoy them!


Louie Lockdown poem

Lockdown 2020 Matlida 

Lockdown 2020 Tommy 

Lockdown 2020 Thomas 

Lockdown Rosie 

Lockdown poem Henry

We spent the afternoon trying to clean muddy water! We used sieves, cloth, paper, napkins and our fingers! We said that even though water may look clean, it may have nasty things dissolved in it!

We have been looking at the work of Claude Monet and Impressionism who painted some lovely work of rivers.

We used water colours to recreate our own version of his painting ‘Water Lilies’. Claude Monet | Water Lilies (ca. 1914-1917) | Artsy