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At Alpington our curriculum is designed so that all children are able to develop into confident and capable mathematicians.  There is a focus on developing children who are “maths smart”; able to to use their knowledge flexibly in a range of contexts and for different purposes.

At Alpington we are adopting a Mastery Approach to the teaching of Maths.  This is a phrase that is used a lot in education and it is important to be clear about what it means for teaching at Alpington.  We are working with the approach outlined by the National Centre for the Teaching of Excellence in Mathematics.

“Pupils are taught through whole-class interactive teaching, where the focus is
on all pupils working together on the same lesson content at the same time.
This ensures that all can master concepts before moving to the
next part of the curriculum sequence, allowing no pupil to be left behind.”

NCTEM – The Essence of Maths Teaching for Mastery 2016

The one page summary document can be read here.

The essence of Maths Teaching for Mastery

The maths curriculum at Alpington is planned using the National Curriculum expectations for each year group.  Termly and daily planning is taken from White Rose Maths, supported by resources from NCTEM. The school also uses the Government’s “Guidance for Teaching Mathematics in Primary Schools” for planning and teaching, making reference to the “ready to progress” statements to support children’s progression through the National Curriculum.  This guidance can be found here

The following grids for each year group show how these documents are connected together to create a cohesive maths curriculum.

Year 1 Assessment & Planning Document

Year 2 Assessment & Planning Document

Year 3 Assessment & Planning Document

Year 4 Assessment & Planning Document

Year 5 Assessment & Planning Document

Year 6 Assessment & Planning Document

At Alpington we believe excellent mental maths skills support all aspects of children’s mathematical development.  We have created a progressive sequence of mental maths targets which the children work through, mastering each skill before moving onto the next.  As a result children leave Alpington as confident and fluent mathematicians.

Mental Maths Progression NEW

Maths is taught daily as a “stand alone” subject.  Where links to topic are clear and meaningful teachers use these to ensure the children have varied opportunities to apply their maths knowledge in a range of contexts.