Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Poetry Festival

Alpington and Bergh Apton CE VA Primary School

Poetry Festival

27 Jan – 13 Feb

Key stage poem performances

We would like to invite as many children as possible to join together to perform a key stage poem.  Once you have signed up to take part, you will receive the part of the poem that you need to learn and perform.  You then need to record your performance on video and send it to Mrs Welch.  Details of how to do this are below.  Once we have all the recordings, I will edit them together to make a whole school performance of the poem.  We will then share our performance on Stream and on the Website.


KS1 are going to be learning “There’s a Rang – Tan in my Bedroom” by James Sellick and Fran Preston Gannon

Rang – tan in my bedroom Click here to read the poem and get learning.



Ks2 are going to be learning “If” by Ruyard Kipling.— Click here to read the poem and get learning.



Please click on the link in the email you have been sent to join us by Monday 1st Feb. I will then send you your section of the poem to learn.  Your video will need to be with Mrs Welch by Friday 13th February 2021

Performance poetry

Learning a whole poem by heart is fun and performing them brings them alive for you and for others.  Why not have a go a learning the whole poem and sending in your performance?  They will be posted on stream and appear here for others to watch.

There are so many different kinds of poems. You will find lots of different websites here to explore which will inspire you to find a poem you love!  Choose one and learn it or practice reading it, then record it for others to enjoy.  We will post the Stream videos here for you to enjoy.

Poems to listen to

Poems to learn by heart

Poems to explore in different categories

Poems performed

Write your own

Why not get creative and write your own poem. There is a little clip here to get you started.  One of the reasons that I love poetry is that you can carefully follow the rules to write a particular kind of poem, or you can go freestyle and express your ideas and feelings however it suits you.  We would love to see your efforts.  Send them in written down, or as performances – the choice is yours.

How to write a poem – get started with BBC bitesize – Key stage 1 – Key Stage 2

Some inspiration and places to start

Poems by other children.

These tackle so challenging topics so best explored with an adult.

How to send your video

Please make sure your camera is “landscape” when you film.

Please use your OneDrive to send your video.  A video of instructions can be found here.

This is a festival and not a competition, so we are not having judging or prizes.  Everyone who takes part will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievement.  Get involved – I can’t wait to hear your ideas and see your performances.