Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Poetry in motion

Welcome to our homegrown poetry page!

Here you will find us reading, performing and enjoying all kinds of poems, including poems we have written ourselves.  Enjoy!

“IF” by Rudyard Kipling Performed by Children from KS2

There’s a Rang Tan in my Bedroom Performed by children from KS1

“Love Leah” Written by Leah

Dear James, with your big brown eyes you make us smile

With your cheekiness you make us laugh

You make us happy any way every day

You’re Beautiful James

Love Leah

123 it’s Christmas Eve

My Dad lets us open one present each

My brother Leo got a toy dog and named it Cleo

Love Leah

It’s my friends party soon,

She said it would be delightful if I came

But only if I dress in Fancy costume

Happy Birthday 

Love Leah


“Waiting for Summer” written and performed by Lily

“Let Every Light Shine” written and performed by Myah

“Forever we are Friends”  written and performed by Cleo.

My Garden, by Cassidy

My Garden by Cassidy

“In our beautiful world there are

Leafy hedges

Green Trees

A Metal birdfeeder

Sticky Mud

Yellow sand

Strong rocks

Beautiful flowers

Brown logs”

Snow Poems by Swallows class