Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

The Oscars at Alpington

Thursday 1st July saw the premier of our Key Stage 2 production of “Mystery at Magpie Manor”.

Stars of the show returned to school dressed to impress, walked the red carpet and celebrated with snacks and champagne glasses!


The film was a huge hit – you can watch it on our Stream channel by clicking here.

Belle took the award for best newcomer, whilst the award for most animated performance went to Florence.  Florence, Bertie, Annabel and Maurizio were noted for their fantastic performances and Tyler for the best impromptu dance routine. Scribble and Blot, played by Harry and Sonny won the Oscar for best double act, whilst Gracie scooped the prize for most reluctant granny!  The tradesmen won the “most rehearsed line” Oscar.  in a surprize move, the Oscar for the best singing was awarded to the whole cast for a fabulous group effort.  Many congratulations to all.