Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Thought for the week

Spring 2021

What’s the big idea?

Monday 11th January

It has been lovely to see all of your faces in our collective worship this week as a different class joined us each day.

This weeks big idea….

“The light shines in the darkness”

Here are some of the fantastic “Light” pictures you have created.

We listened to the very first part of “Let there be light” by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Click here for the opening part of the story.

More of this next week!

With Eagles class on Monday we talked about the importance of light and what a difference it makes. There were some great ideas.  “Light means that you can see”, “without light nothing would grow”, “light gives us warmth” were just a few.

We also met this incredible creature who lives his (or her) whole life in the dark!

It’s called an Olm and it’s found in caves in Scandinavia.  When people first discovered them they thought that they were baby dragons!

What other animals can you think of that live only in the dark?

What features of this animal tell you that it lives in a dark place?

Can you make a connection between an animal that has no eyes and the “light shines in the darkness?”

Robins and Kingfishers class listened to a story about a king who banned the dark!

You can listen here.

Have you ever been scared of the dark?

What inventions do we have that help us to see when it’s dark?

What helps you to feel brave?

Kingfishers talked about how it’s really important to tell someone if you feel scared and also explained that going away and coming back to something, or taking a really deep breath can help things to seem less scary.

Owls class met the inventor Humphry Davy who made life so much safer for the minors who spend all day underground.  His safety lamp prevented explosions underground.  We looked at the candle glowing in the darkness and thought about how much difference just a little light can make in the darkness.

All of you have been fantastic at sharing the ways that you let your light shine.

“By being kind”, “by helping others”, “by helping my grandad who has dementia”, “by trying my hardest”, “by doing chores at home”, “By using kind works”, “by never giving up”, “by taking care of my pets”, “by caring about how other people feel”…...

You are all lights shining in the world and we are really proud of you.


This week’s creative challenge.

Create your own light picture.  You can use anything you like in any way you like – the more creative the better!  I used an app on the ipad called LightSpace.  It’s free and it lets you create your own short light pictures or videos.  Here’s my effort!  Have fun and send your ideas to or use your OneDrive and send me the link!

Monday 4th January

Our last collective worship together as a whole school – for a little while at least!

We watched the New Years Fireworks in London.  We talked about the things that we would remember from 2020 and how even when things are difficult there is always light.

Here are some of our ideas:

“Captain Tom tells us that big or strong, small or weak, everyone can make a difference”

“The fist in the sky reminds us that we are strong together and we should never give up”

“Black Lives Matter.  We shouldn’t ever forget”

“When we couldn’t see each other we found new ways of being together, like on Zoom.  There is always a solution to the problem”

“We should always be brave and keep going and never give up”

These messages seem even more important now as we have to learn at home again for a while!

We looked at the message in the sky at the end of the display and talked about hope for the new year.

If you could light up the sky over our school with a message of hope, what would it be?

Here are some ideas from Owls Class.  I would love to have some more to add!  You could make a picture, a film or a photograph to share your idea.  Send them to