Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Thought for the week

Thank you to all those who took part in our virtual choir project “Looking to the Rainbow”.  Thank you also to David Whiteley who kindly did the editing for us.

The film is now finished and you can watch it here.  Enjoy!

It’s a Puzzle!

Welcome to our thought for the week. We are thinking about the Parables that Jesus told. Sometimes there is a correct answer – sometimes you will have to think it through and come to your own conclusions……

This half term we have been thinking about the treasure of friendship.  We have created a Friendship Station in school so we can send messages to our friends who are learning at home or who are in other classes.  Here are some of our messages this week.  If you would like to send a message, e-mail it to your class e-mail address if you are learning at home, or pop it in the box on the friendship station in school and we will make sure we update it every week.


Here are some of the lovely thoughts and letters in close up!

This week classes have been writing messages to the whole school for the summer holidays.

Here are some of their ideas.

Owls class wrote an Acrostic poem – click here to read it.

Summer holiday

A parable to ponder

We have been thinking about a parable each week and pods have been taking part in a weekly creative challenge to help us think about it in more detail.

These lost sheep found their way back to the fold following the story that Jesus told about the Shepherd who searched all night for the sheep he had lost.

Pods worked together to create something that showed that we are all special and unique, but that we all belong together at Alpington.

The hummingbirds pod created this flower to explain the parable of the sower….

In response to the parable about the wise and foolish builders, Robins and Eagles used words and models to explain the strong foundations that help us feel safe and to flourish.


Pods also wrote poems about kindness and fairness to help us understand the parable of the talents.  You can find these on our stream channel  – the links are here!

We explored the parable of the Prodigal Son (or daughter in our case!).  The children talked about saying sorry and forgiveness and how the two things fit together.  They represented their ideas in lots of different ways.

This assembly series was originally designed and written by an old friends and colleague of mine, Mr Tim Burgess when we worked together at Holy Trinity School in Guildford.  Thank you Tim – your pondering is still an inspiration!