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Summer 2021

Any Dream Will Do?

Our collective worship series this term has lots of different parts.  Can you spot the connections and link them all together?

Monday – The latest instalment of the amazing Story of Joseph and an introduction to the thought for the week.

Tuesday – An Olympic sport and an Aplington learning link with Miss Betts

Wednesday – views from the potting shed with Auntie Annie Gram

Thursday – Celebrating our weeks achievements

Friday – Class collective worship – bringing it all together.

Week beginning 19th April 2021

Joseph’s story

Joseph’s dad gives him a beautiful technicoloured coat.  Joseph is delighted and shows it off at every opportunity—his brothers are less impressed!  Jealous and angry, they make a plan to get rid of Joseph for good.

Joseph’s brother Reuben intervenes to stop the brothers from killing Joseph.  Instead he is sold as a slave into Pharaoh’s household and is taken away to Egypt.  To cover up what they have done, the brothers cover Joseph’s beautiful coat in animal blood and take it back to his father.  “Joseph was killed by wild animals” they said “there was nothing we could do”.

Poor Joseph.  All is grand plans lie in ruins.

We talked about how God has a plan for all our lives.  When things go wrong we need to remember to be proud of who we are….. and make a plan to make things better!

Be Curious…..

What do you need to discover to achieve your goal?

Olympic runners dedicate their whole lives to becoming the fastest runner on the planet.

We talked about being curious – ask questions… Consider possibilities….. Make discoveries.

We thought about all the plans that a 100m runner would need to make to achieve their goal.

Do you think that God has a plan for your life?  How could you find out what it is?

What do you need to find out to achieve your goal?

What time do you need to spend?

What equipment do you need?

What help do you need and who could help you?

How will you make sure you listen to advice?

Who will support and encourage you?

Think of a goal and make a plan.  It could be a little thing that you want to achieve by the end of the week, or a grand plan for the future.  Share your plan with someone…..

Week beginning 12th April 2021

Joseph’s story……

Joseph is the youngest brother in a complicated family! He has 11 brothers, including the youngest who is called Benjamin.  10 of his brothers have the same dad, but a different mum to Joseph.  Secretly Joseph’s dad (who’s name is Jacob) likes Joseph better than his brothers and treats him like a favourite.  Joseph makes the situation worse by telling tales on his brothers all the time.  Understandably, they don’t like him very much!

One night Joseph had a dream.  He dreamt that he was so important and special and amazing that all his family had to bow down to him.  When he woke, he boasted about his dream to his brothers and his dad.  They were not impressed!

Thank you to all the children who helped with the dramatisation – especially Lily and Charlie for their starring roles as Joseph!

We talked about how the people in the story feel.  Jack explained that Joseph’s dad and brothers probably felt jealous of him.  Lots of people said that they would feel cross and that they wouldn’t feel like being kind to Joseph.  Ali pointed out that Joseph’s family might feel proud that Joseph was going to do so well and Charlie explained that “you can’t feel proud of other people if you don’t feel proud of yourself”.  We talked about the fine line between feeling proud of ourselves (because we are all amazing in one way or another) and not boasting in a way that makes others feel like they are not as good as us.

In KS2 we explored what we would like to do and be when we grow up.  There are some fantastic aspirations – scientists, dancers, astronauts, marine biologists and foster carers.  We discussed what you would need to be in order to achieve those aims – determined, curious, creative, thoughtful and caring.

Olympic dreams and Alpington Values

Miss Betts introduced us to the Olympic games and we talked about the values behind the Olympic rings.  Then we looked at our Alpington Curriculum Values – we will be exploring one of these each week as we think about our own goals and aspirations.  Watch this space!