Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

UEA Lecturers

On Thursday Mrs Eland, Mrs Welch, Nell, Miles, Wilson and Alice went to the UEA to take part in a lecture.

PGCE students were learning about teaching RE.  Mrs Eland explained how RE is planned and organised at Alpington and then the children explained about their learning this term in Owls Class.  You can have a look at what they said below!

We were so proud of the children, who stood up in a proper lecture theatre full of adults and were so clear and confident both in their presentation and their learning.

What is the difference between truth and belief

Afterwards we had a tour of the UEA campus.  We learned that the Avengers headquarters is ACTUALLY at UEA, saw big lecture theatres, science labs, the library and real robots in the engineering building.

This is the email we got from UEA on Monday!

Dear Mrs Welch, Mrs Eland and your wonderful Year 5 children,

Thank you so much for coming into UEA on Thursday to tell our Primary PGCE students about just how exciting RE lessons are at Alpington and Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School. You must have put in such a lot of work to plan the presentation and create the lecture slides. The information was very valuable for our trainee teachers and as you spoke they were able to see “religious literacy” in action. Everyone spoke so clearly and with great confidence.

I hope that you enjoyed sharing your learning and that afterwards you enjoyed the university scavenger hunt with Carrie. I hope that this has filled you with excitement about how learning can continue at university once you leave school.

Thank you so much for helping our trainee teachers learn – you taught them so much. We would love to welcome you back to UEA in the future.

Enjoy the next two weeks in school before the Christmas holidays – I am sure your teachers have some lovely things planned for you.

Best Wishes