Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Where the Wild Things Are

Our school has been full of Wild Things this week as the children took part in a cross curricular project based on “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak.

We began on Monday with an assembly to tell the story from the book by Maurice Sendak, using drama and pictures.  Then the children went back to their classes to design their very own “Wild Things”. The children could then choose how they wanted to bring their design to life. They worked in mixed age groups across the school making puppets, big scale models, clay figures, collage pictures and masks. The following day we created our own exhibition of everyone’s work in the hall for the children to celebrate. We were really proud to see the children working together in different groups and with different adults. There were so many examples of children taking responsibility, helping and supporting one another.

You can click here to see an animated version of the story.

Robins class created an amazing floor map of all their Wild Thing ideas.  They have also enjoyed creating models of their own wild places.  “I don’t think mine will ever be finished – I have so much to do” Said Mira.  Some children even brought special things in from home to add to their models, so they were just right.

The children also made crowns so that they could be kings of their own wild places.


Skylarks have taken great care over the design of their Wild Things.  They have looked carefully at the pictures in the book, thinking about which animals Max used to create his Wild Things and applying this to their own designs.  They are working on some descriptive writing to go with their art work.

Owls class have loved making their own Wild Thing world models in boxes.  They also made detailed maps of their Wild Worlds, making sure their maps showed “wild thing” and physical features and had a key so that the symbols were clear.  Some children have created tourist guides to their Wild World whilst others have been creating the rules they would have if they were king!

Eagles class are hard at work writing their own versions of Where the Wild Things Are, designed for an older audience.  We will publish some as soon as they are finished.