Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Eagles in action!

Farewell Eagles

Yesterday we said goodbye to our fabulous year 6 Eagles.  We are so proud of everything that they are and everything they have achieved.  We wish you every success as you move on to high school and beyond!



Week Commening 1st June

Eagles are back in school!!

We are practising safe social distancing in our pod and making sure we take all possible precautions against the coronavirus. We have been:

These are the species of butterfly and moth that we have reported so far. Can you add to the list?

Special Kensuke update!! After years of wondering, I have finally discovered the correct pronunciation of Kensuke! It’s not ‘Kensook’ or ‘Kensooky’ . It is actually pronounced more like Kenskay’ . Listen here:

How to pronounce Kensuke in Japanese

21st May

Bradley has been super busy!!

Here is his Kensuke’s Kingdom cover, which is amazing!

And his story from Kensuke’s perspective – it’s excellent, give it a read!

Kensukes story

Also read his fantastic Powerpoint on bird migration

Bird migration by Bradley

Archie has sent in this marvellous picture of his island – he’s given it a great name too!!

19th May

Louisa has finished her Task 8 for Kensuke’s Kingdom. It’s really good and may give you some ideas for your own!

Kensuke’s Kingdom – Task 8

She has also found this amazing beetle – it is called a cockshafer but you or your parents may know it as a May bug or Doodlebug.  They are huge and make a real racket when they fly. This is the time of year they emerge from the ground as adults and try and find a mate. You can tell the difference between the sexes as males have much larger antennae. I think this is a male. We might well do some more work on them after half-term as they have a really interesting life-cycle and history.

Arch has been making brownies! Save some for me, mate!


18th May

Louisa and Alice have produced this amazing Powerpoint on the coronavirus. It’s packed full of information and is a must read!

Lockdown and coronavirus

Amelia has been out to Carlton Marshes and Ditchingham Mill and has spotted some great stuff including lots of waterbirds, Chinese water deer and a red kite! She has also achieved a brilliant result in her mental maths, worked hard at the Whiterose pages and begun her work on the latest Kensuke’s Kingdom task. Top work Amelia!

Archie has been helping in the garden! Fancy a trip to Somerleyton, Arch?

15th May

Finlay B has created this amazing wave. Top quality work Fin – love the movement and the colours!!

Tommy has produced this fantastic Powerpoint on reptiles! Well done Tommy

British wildlife by Tommy

Finlay D and Tommy have been making pizzas with Mrs Sayer and Miss Larter


14th May

Bertie has been in touch again. He has been doing really well in his mental maths and has sent us details of the wildlife he sees in his garden. It is an impressive list and includes: muntjac, chinese water deer, tawny owls and green woodpeckers. Tawny owls and green woodpeckers are birds which you may hear more than you see them; the tawny owl is the owl that makes the ‘twit-twoo’ call and a greewoodpecker has a call that sounds a bit like a laugh. It is called it’s ‘yaffle call’ and some people call the green woodpecker, the yaffle!

Keep an ear out!

Green woodpecker call

Tawny owl call

Louisa  has sent in this fantastic Powerpoint on deer. It’s packed full on information and she has also used the work we did earlier in the year and shown how each species is classified! Genius!


Archie has been doing some engineering. He has been building the most complicated hot-wheels track he can, that he can get a car round – great learning!


12th May

Archie has finished his Great Wave – wow!!!

Dmitri has produced this exellent Powerpoint on the cuckoo. Well done – it is really informative.

Cuckoo powerpoint

Amelia continues to work hard and has been doing loads including her mental maths and arithmetic and she has been working on the Whiterose maths site.

She has also produced this excellent Powerpoint on British deer. Amazing work!

British Deer by Amelia

Amelia has also been out and about spotting nature. She thinks she saw a common crane and took this picture of some Canada geese with their goslings.

11th May

Fin B has sent us the results of his flower experiment. He took white flowers and turned them pink – genius! He has also spotted what he thinks was a young Marsh Tit and his mum found this Cinnabar Moth. They are really unusual and incredibly beautiful. I’m going to add it to our list as parents can contribute too!!

Elliot has sent us these pictures. Can you guess what it is?

He also thinks the moth he found is an Eyed Hawkmoth – an amazing find. I’ll add it to our list above.

Millie  has sent me her Powerpoint on the cuckoo. It is brilliant – have a look. She has also sent me her own island work and some nice description of what it is like. She has also spotted a Speckled Wood butterfly. It is really pretty! I’ll add to the pictures. 

Cuckoo Powerpoint


Alice has sent in her Great Wave collage – it’s a cracker! It’s the right way up now (sorry Alice) I don’t know why I didn’t spot that!!

Dmitri has sent me his butterfly lifecycle Powerpoint based around the Holly Blue! Top work Dmitri!

Butterfly Lifecycle

He’s also been working hard at his maths – check out those lockdown locks!!

Jess has sent us this picture of a scupture she has come across on one of her walks. It is based upon ‘The Dancers’ by Matisse. She also pointed out a couple of errors in the answers to last week’s arithmetic which I have corrected!! Thanks Jess and sorry everyone!!

Finlay D made a bridge out of newspaper and card. He rolled newspaper and secured it with selloptape. We tested it and it managed to hold 12kg!!

Elliot has found this moth – can you help identify it?


Benny has produced this fantastic Powerpoint about his cat, Baggy. Très bien Benny!

Baggy the cat

Alice has drawn a fantastic map of her island and written a lovely description. Nice work Alice.

7th May

Amelia has been out exercising and birdspotting as well as keeping up with her studies. She has had a go at the Whiterose maths – see the link on the Eagles page if you haven’t already!

She has also sent me her Powerpoint on the cuckoo – thank you Amelia!!

Amelia Cuckoo PPT

Her sightings included a Great Crested Grebe – which is a beautiful water bird. It does an amazing courtship dance – I’ve put a link to a video below. Well dome Amelia!!

Great Crested Grebe Courship Dance

Elliot has produced an excellent Powerpoint on British reptiles. It’s packed with information and also includes details of his own reptile. Thanks Elliot.

Snakes and Lizards of Britain

Finlay B has been working super hard. He is doing his Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks, the flower project and has sent me his reptile work and frog life-cycle. He’s also been out spotting summer migrants. Well done Fin!!

Archie has sent me this fab Powerpoint on the cuckoo. It’s packed with facts and cleverly presented. Well done Archie!

Great facts about the one and only cuckoo

He has also completed Task 7 of the Kensuke’s Kingdom work. Nice one Archie – great map work.

6th May

Alice continues to work hard. She has sent me some more work on Task 6 for Kensuke’s Kingdom, her arithmetic, some work on the cuckoo and some extra stuff she has done on the badger! WELL DONE! Remember, like Alice, if there is something that grabs your attention, find out about it and send me what you have found out.

Amelia has been working hard on her spellings and got a really good mental maths result. She has also carried out Task 6 for Kensuke’s Kingdom and worked out the total mileage – won’t tell you what she got but if you look closely at her calculations … She is working on her cuckoo research, cooking sushi (Kensuke would approve) and helping her brother with his work!

Benny has sent me his excellent Powerpoint on British reptiles. He has discovered that a new species has been identified – the Barred Grass Snake. Read his work to find out more! Brilliant research Benny!


He has also completed his Hokusai work. Check out the lovely Mt Fuji in the background! Top work Benny!

5th May

Alice has completed some excellent work on Kensuke’s Kingdom. She has calculated the distance they travelled and made a calculation as to how long in would take them! Wow!

Task 6

Elliot has sent me two great Powerpoints one on the cuckoo and one in French! Can you translate it? Top work Elliot!

French pets


The cuckoo

Archie has sent me a link to an amazing wildlife photographer called Nick Appleton. He is a neighbour of his and he takes photos of local wildlife. It just goes to show what you can see if you look! Thanks Archie.

Louisa has sent me this amazing Powerpoint on the cuckoohave a read as it is a really good information source!

Cuckoo Migration and lifecycle

Jess has had a go at task 6 for Kensuke’s Kingdom. She has found a website that helps estimate distances. I won’t tell you her estimate until more of you have responded!! Here is her map -it might help you. Thanks Jess!

Kensuke’s Journey

Benny has been working hard at his spelling and maths and has completed tasks 4 and 5 of Kensuke’s Kingdom. He is also working on a reptile Powerpoint. Well done Benny!



Amelia has completed her Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks 4 and 5 and worked hard to improve her mental maths, she has been practising her spellings and having a go at the arithmetic problems. She has also reported seeing a swallow over her house (a sumer migrant) and a red kite (a rare bird of prey). She has also finished aher version of the Hokusai Mt Fuji paintings. It is more colourful than the picture here; the photo has made it a bit washed-out. She’s also been doing some cooking. Top work Amelia!

Hokusai Painting by Amelia

4th May

Jess has had an exciting visitor to her garden and her butterflies have hatched. I think this is a Painted Lady. The muntjac is one of several deer species. It is unusual because the British population comes from deer that escaped from the Woburn Estate in the 1920s. It is now probably the commonest deer in Britain. It’s full name is the Reeve’s Muntjac. They have a distinctive barking call which they make at night.

She has also produced this excellent Great Wave collage!!

Alice  has produced some excellent art work:


Finlay D has completed his mental maths, arithmetic and spellings and has also sent me this excellent work on British lizards and snakes.



Here he is with the real thing! Although you won’t find this species wild in the UK – it’s a Bearded Dragon from Australia!

He has also produced an excellent Powerpoint on the cuckoo.

Cuckoo Lifecycle

Katy has sent me her Powerpoint on frogs and lizards. It’s packed with detail and very well presented – well done Katy!

Snakes and lizards

Amelia continues to work hard and has completed her frog life-cycle and has been doing her French and a bit of cooking.

Common Frog

Common Frog Key


Millie  has been up to loads. She took part in the Guides’ Great Camp at Home Challenge, completed mental maths Test 89, did her arithmetic and has been having a go at some of the practise SATs papers. She has been keeping fit by cycling around her village and has been doing some baking at home. She has also completed her amphibians work and the life-cycle of a frog, and finished her Kensuke’s Kingdom work and her French! She has also finished her Anglo-Saxon helmet and painted a fantastic Great Wave. Blimey – I’m exhausted just typing it up!

The 7 types of Amphibian in the UK


Some fantastic news from the Aldis family – they are expecting a new addition in November!!

I’m sure everyone will join me in congratulating them!!

1st May

Amelia’s mum sent me this amazing picture of the world’s largest moth which a man from Bungay reared from an egg. It’s called the Giant Atlas Moth.

Some British moths can be big, not as big as this, but the Privet Hawk Moth can have a wingspan of 12cm!!

Harry has sent me his work on narrative hooks – ways to start stories on chapters that ‘hook’ the reader in. His are really good:

Narrative Hooks

Archie has sent me this presentaion on Britsh amphibians – it is packed with information and really well presented. Fantastic work Arch!!

Archie’s amphibian presentation

Alice has sent me some terrific answers to the Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks and her work on butterflies and British snakes. Top work Alice!!

Jess has been hard at work. She has completed some SATs papers, found some fraction problems on Twinkl, finished the arithmetic (including the impossible ones) and answered the Kensuke’s Kingdom questions. Phew! Her butterflies are also beginning to hatch:


30th April

Finlay B has been working hard on his spellings, maths and Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks and has been researching snakes and lizards – well done Fin!

Louisa has produced this brilliant collage of The Great Wave – it is a corker! Well done Louisa!!


Benny has done really well on his spellings and sent me some excellent answers to the Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks. I won’t post them yet so you can all have a go!!

Amelia has sent me her fantastic Great Wave collage. What energy and detail!! Mrs Godbold will be really proud of her. Check it out!

Amelia’s Great Wave

Olivia has been hard at work. She has completed the arithmetic work and has sent me this excellent presentation on snakes and lizards, it is packed with inforamtion – well done Olivia!!

Snakes and Lizards 

Alice has sent me some fantastic work about British Wildlife – well done Alice!!


Katy has been doing some fantastic work!! Including this powerpoint:

Birds , Moths and Butterflies Powerpoint

She has also done well in her spellings, maths and mental maths AND …

She has also produced this fantastic e-safety poster

Harry has also been working hard. He has been nailing his spellings, mental maths and arithmetic and has been doing some exciting creative writing (using Bitesize) on creating hooks in stories!! Brilliant stuff Harry. He has also completed a book review on The Recruit by Robert Muchamore:

and completed some art work.


29th April

Amelia is working really hard; she is doing really well in her spellings, reading and maths and has sent me some excellent answers to the Kensuke’s Kingdom tasks. Here is her guide to British amphibians:

Amelia’s Amphibians

Archie is hard at work on his British Wildlife research. As I always say, ‘Get ahead get a hat’!!!


28th April

Alice has produced some excellent work. Her life-cycle of a frog and amphibians fact sheet. Well done Alice!!

Jess has excelled herself. Not only has she moved on to Mental Maths Test 90 (she got 28/30 on Test 89) she has also been up to a host of other stuff. This has included helping to cook for the homeless people now living in a shelter – no less than 23 turkey dinners amongst others! Here is a gallery of what she has been up to:

She has also completed her butterfly life-cycle

And a guide to snakes and lizards in the UK!

Snakes and Lizards

Elliot has been doing some excellent work, including some practise SATs papers and all the French work. Here is his review of Kensuke’s Kingdom and his life cycle of the Large White Butterfly.

Kensuke’s Kingdom book review

Large White Butterfly

He has also built a moth trap (see below), a fantastic thing to do. So far he has identified a Brindle Beauty, Hebrew Character (it is called this because it has a mark on its wing that resembles the Hebrew letter nun (נ)) and Lead Coloured Drab (I’ve added them at the top of the page). I will try and find some instructions for making a moth trap and put it up on the Eagles page. I built one some time ago with my sons and it was brilliant fun!

Louisa continues to work hard. Here is her life-cycle of a cmmon frog. well done Louisa – top work!

The lifecycle of a common frog

Sonny has been working really hard. He has been looking at lizards, amphibians and has completed his frog life-cycle. Well done! Read them here:

Sonny 1

Sonny 2

Sonny 3

He has also finished his butterfly life-cycle

Benny has produced a lovely butterfly life-cycle for the Red Admiral. top work Benny!

27th April

Bertie and Molly have sent us an update on their Painted Lady chysalides – totally brilliant to see nature in action!! Thank you!!

Bertie and Molly butterfly update

Finlay B has made this amazing birdfeeder. What a brilliant idea!

Here are the instructions if you would like to make one too. (Thank you Mrs Blazer!)

Alice has gone art crazy!! Fantastic stuff!

Amelia has sent me this excellent guide to the reptiles of Britain including details of the sea turtles which occasionally occur in our seas! Well done Amelia!

Amelia’s reptile presentation

She has been working hard at her spellings and maths too! Here she is:

Louisa has produced a fantastic guide to British amphibians. Thanks Louisa!!

The seven species of amphibians in Britain

Sonny has been working hard; he’s been keeping up with his spellings, reading and mental maths and has completed work on lizard identification. Top work Sonny!

Finlay D has been busy:

Dmitri has been cooking mac’n’cheese.


24th April

Archie has produced this amazing presentation on British snakes – top work mate!!

Facts about the three uk snakes

Louisa has been working like a demon!!

This is her presentation on British reptiles – it’s really worth a read:

The three snakes and lizards in the UK


Finlay B has finished his Matisse picture. Lovely composition Fin!

Benny has produced a very nice Powerpoint on the wildlife he has been watching. Have a look.

Benny Powerpoint

Bertie from Owls has been investigating butterflies and has sent us his lifecycle poster and a picture of some chrysalises he has. Hopefully he will send us more pictures as they start to emerge. Thanks Bertie!!

23rd April

Dmitri has been super active on his bike and scooter!

Amelia has proudced an amazing Matisse collage – see what she tells us about it (in French!) BRAVO!!

She has also added a little something to her butterfly life-cycle work!

As well as this she has written an information text about Sea Eagles, a massive bird of prey which was extinct in the UK but is now  being reintroduced. recently one flew over BUNGAY!

sea eagle

The one seen over Bungay is part of a reintrocution scheme in the Isle of Wight. They have a twitter account here:


Louisa has finished her work on the Battle of Hastings. She has clearly set out the reasons why William won – well done Louisa.

Why the Normans won the Battle of Hastings

Finlay B has produced a really great life-cycle of the Holly Blue and has seen 5 different species . And he has been doing a bit of cooking!

Tommy has completed the arithmetic challenge – including the ‘impossible’ ones! Well done Tommy!!


Bradley has been hard at work!! He has also tried BBC Bitesize – why don’t you give it a go.

22nd April

Louisa has completed an amazing identification guide to British reptiles – I will post it later in the week when you have all had a chance to have a go!!

Benny has finished a lovely Matisse picture – can you translate the label??

Olivia has made a fantastic life-cycle poster of the Small Tortoiseshell. She has included loads of excellent detail and explained it’s classification – well done!!

Amelia has been hard at work. She has produced a very good Peacock life-cycle and has been out  and about looking at nature! She is particularly interested in the Sea Eagles,  a massive bird of prey, which is being reintroduced in certain parts of the UK.

Louisa  has produced an excellent Powerpoint on the Holly Blue butterfly. Read  some of it here:

Louisa Powerpoint

She also produced a really effective Matisse picure

Millie has continued her work on the life-cycle of a butterfly with some excellent illustrations

And produced some beautiful Matisse pictures:


21st April

Amelia has produced a fantastic powerpoint on butterflies. Here are a couple of pages for you to look at:

Amelia’s Powerpoint

20th April

Millie has been hard at work:

She also produced a butterfly life-cycle poster

Louisa has created a ‘Magpie’ document from the reading she has been doing over the holidays … what a great idea! Here it is:

She has also sent in her bird spotting list – it is rather impressive!!

Archie has had a very productive Easter break …

And completed his amazing Viking longship!!!

Check out his Mondrain – executed with real precision. Well done Arch!!

Some more pictures from Finlay D


11th April


3rd April

Dmitri has produced a fantastic Mondrian – well done!!

2nd April

Amelia has carried on with her hard work – doing brilliantly in her spellings and getting full marks in the reading SAT set this week!! She has also …

Archie continues to work on his Viking longboat!

Katy has Produced a fantastic account of the Battle of Hastings, completed her Sutton Hoo helmet and finished a fab Mondrian. She also did really well in her spellings.

Battle of Hastings by Katy Mallett

Harry has painted an excellent Mondrian and finished his Sutton Hoo helmet. He also recorded an excellent spelling score! He has been in the kitchen as well …

Millie has produced an excellent cover and blurb for her myth and has been doing a science experiement:

Millie’s science experiment

Norse Myth Blurb and cover

Sonny has produced an excellent piece of work on why the Normans won the Battle of Hastings:

Battle of Hastings by Sonny

Finlay D has been working hard! He managed an amazing result in his mental maths and has finished his myth complete with blurb! He has also …

1st April

Bradley has been working like crazy! He has been doing his spellings and …

He has also been writing

Bradley’s myth

Why did the Normans win by Bradley

and has kept a garden birds list!!

Bradley’s garden bird list

Millie has painted a fantastic picture inspired by Mondrian and written a very good explanation of why William won the Battle of Hastings.

Piet Mondrian-Millie

Why the Normans Won the Battle of Hastings by Millie


Archie is in the midst of making his Viking longship. It’s looking pretty good already. Good to see he’s getting help from his canine friend! He also did really well in his spellings!

Louisa  managed to get 25/25 for her spellings – brilliant!

She also has a new pet – just checking the date??

Jessica has been busy with spellings, mental maths and Sats papers, She is exercising with Joe Wicks and MPA via Zoom. She has been reading old copies of the week and taking her brother on in speed jigsaw making!

She has also written a fantastic myth!

Thor and the fire giant by Jessica Roper

Elliot has a book recommnedation for you!


Olivia has surpassed herself with her Mondrian work!!

Sonny  has made an amzing Viking longship

Dmitri  has been hard at work making a rice crispies cake with his sisters.

31st March

Louisa has produced this amazing Mondrian inspired work. It really is like the real thing!!

Amelia has been working really hard and completed two SATs papers as well of lots more. Here is her explanation as to why William won the Battle of Hastings!

Why the Normans won at the Battle of Hastings

Elliot has explained several really good reasons why William won the Battle of Hastings – read here:


Benny  got all his spellings correct and got a brilliant score in his mental maths. He has also been writing his myth and produced a lovely cover:


Katy and Harry have both had excellent mental maths results (and Harry spotted my ‘deliberate’ mistakes in the answers to 90!!)

Louisa has produced an excellent cover to her Norse myth complete with blurb!


30th March

Archie is all over the Battle of Hastings – literally! Looks like some excellent research is going on – well done mate!

Louisa has completed her Sutton Hoo mask and it looks great!

Olivia  has written a brilliant Norse myth – read it here. The ending is very intriguing!

Olivia’s myth

Dmitri has written a book review and an account of the Battle of Hastings. Great work!

Read them here:

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve Reviewed by Dmitri Darshana

On the morning of 14 October 1066

29th March

Fin D has been busy!!

So has Amelia

She managed an excellent result in her mental maths and wrote an excellent soldier’s account of the Battle of Hastings. I love the historical context she has included! Read it here:

soldier’s account

28th March

Finlay D made this magnificent Viking longship in school today

Millie has finished her Easter Egg design  (see Easter Egg Competition page) and got a cracking score in her spellings – well done Mills!

Archie has been doing some amazing work on his parachute

And he has produced a great cover for his myth

Amelia has finished her myth and produced a blurb. Brilliant stuff!!

Read them here

Amelia Blurb

Amelia Thor Myth


27th March

Louisa has written a fantastic myth – give it a read!

Louisa M myth

26th March


25th March

New SPELLINGS on Eagles Page – test 1st April

Elliot is writing a book review.  Can you guess which book?

  Book Review by Elliot



This is magnificent by Elliot!!
Well done.


It was the early morning of the fourteenth of October 1066; two great armies were preparing to fight for the English throne. On a hilltop seven miles from Hastings stood the forces of Harold, who had been crowned king nine months before. On the far side of the valley we were stationed, the fearless troops of William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy and the rightful King of Britain. Our troops were gearing up for this mighty battle. I was equipped with a sword and shield and was dressed up in chain mail armour. I was trembling with a mixture of fear and excitement. This was what all my training was for, all those hard months of practicing had all led up to this moment. My horse was rearing to go as the sound of trumpets came from both sides signalling battle.


My stallion thundered into the fight as William the Conqueror shouted “Charge!” As I rode, I saw that are foes didn’t have much cavalry which made it slightly easier to pick them of at high speed. I also noticed that they didn’t have many archers which probably explains how they got there so quickly as bowmen usually go by feet. A young soldier decided to charge at me which didn’t go well for him because as soon as he was in range I plunged my sword into his heart. he slumped to the floor, his eyes blank and lifeless.  We were doing well until a rumour began to spread that are leader had been killed which terrified a lot of us as we thought we had lost. A small group even ran off, scared for their lives. I don’t really blame them, and I was going to do the same until William galloped to the front line and exclaimed “Don’t run you fools, I’m still alive!” and I knew there was still something to fight for. The battle lasted all day and I almost encountered death several times. My horse was shot down by one of the few archers they had on the battlefield and unfortunately died but I didn’t have any time to mourn for my trusty steed as the battle was still raging on but the death of my horse just made me angrier and I went on a rampage. I fought valiantly, striking down every enemy I came across, but as night drew closer, I began to get tired. I could feel the strength draining out of me. Just as I was using the last of my power to strike down another foe, a horn was blown and the loud voice of William the Conqueror said, “Troops of Harold, it appears that are forces were better prepared and stronger.” He boasted “It has come to my attention that your leader, Harold, has been slain in battle by one of my soldiers, lay down your weapons and surrender or suffer the consequences!” I couldn’t believe it. We had emerged victorious against all the odds. Britain, a kingdom that had been trained by the Romans, the greatest empire the world had ever seen was defeated by us, the small nation of Normandy on the coast of France with nobody to train us except for ourselves. Better yet, all the soldiers were promised a big chunk of fertile land for us and are families each if we won. I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to tell my family that we secured the throne for William and now the Britain’s no longer had to deal with the Vikings raiding and pillaging their homes and looting their monasteries. We had surely made England a better place.