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Eagles in action!

Eagles in Action




 Spring Term 2021

Spring Week 11

It’s been another busy week in the Eagles. We have been working on an important piece of writing to round-off our work on Twist of Gold. We have also been putting down all our learning on our spring topic onto a mind-map. |In DT we have been finishing off our wagons. We have finished reading our class book – Twist of Gold and Mr Stowers managed to hold it together and not cry!!

We had a lovely Easter reflection session with Mrs Welch and an Easter egg hunt.


Easter Egg Hunt

Some of our wagons


Spring Week 10

Eagles have continued to work super hard! We have been doing some assessments to see where we are all at and to help plan learning for the summer term. Everyone has done really well! We have also been working hard on our topic work and are just coming to the finale of Twist of Gold. 

We have also been working hard on our DT project – our Oregon Trail wagons. Here are a few pics:

As a bit of fun, we’ve been trying to see how many places Bruce Springsteen mentions in this live performance of Light of Day and put them on a map. See how many you can hear, you need to listen carefully at about 4:08 …

Spring Week 9

We are back!!!

It’s been a busy first week back. Everyone has been working really hard and we have covered a lot of work. We have had a complete review of our arithmetic and begun some assessments to see where everyone is at. We are continuing with our topic work and have been looking at the reintroduction of wolves and trophic cascade in Yellowstone National Park as part of our work on ecology. There’s a good video about it here:

We’ve also been having fun with US states (we managed to name and place them all on a map in double-quick time and some of us know all the state capitals too) and we are starting our new DT project.

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a book character; here’s some pics:

Spring Week 8

More of your work!

Spring Week 7

More great work! Well done everyone.

You keep impressing me with all your brilliant work – here is a selection:

Some more of you amazing work and pics!!

Spring Week 6

A few more pics!!

Here’s Luke’s blood poster – check it out!

Here’s some more work and some more snow day pics!!

Some more of your amazing work and some fun snow day snaps!!

Bit of catching up to do!!

Spring Week 5

Monday 1st Feb

Spring Week 4

Thursday 28th January 2021

Hope you are still enjoying the topic! You all seem to be doing really well and it is lovely seeing you at catch-up every morning! I haven’t put all of the Letters to Father on here yet as I want to give you some personal feedback first. Can you type your work in Word  and email it to me please. Here’s some more work.

Wednesday 27th January 2021

So good to receive so much lovely work! You maps look amazing – when we get back into school we will have to put them on display, so keep them somewhere safe.

Tuesday 26th January 2021

Well done everyone! The map work was interesting! It’s a massive country! We will look at the coordinates work in catch-up and discuss the map too. Here’s some of your work!


Monday 25th January 2021

Some more great work coming in! Thank you Eagles for all your hard work!



Spring Week 3

Thursday 21st January 2021

Another fantastically productive day. Lovely to see Maurizio in school today (as well as Annabelle, of course!) Here’s some of your work and stuff!


Wednesday 20th January 2021

Some more great work and lovely pictures! Your maps are really coming on and hopefully will look amazing when finished – well done!

Tuesday 19th January 2021

Everyone is working really hard! You all deserve a medal! Here is some more of your work and what you’ve been getting up to!

Monday 18th January 2021

You have produced some fantastic work (your moutains graphs were excellent) and most of you sent a picture of what you got up to apart from work! Well done!! Here are the pictures and work – they are a bit of a mish-mash but hope you enjoy flicking through!


Spring Week 2

Thursday 14th January 2021

Some more of your work. Not so much today as I think a lot of you are concentrating on your diary entries! I’ve got lots of your writing in already although you can spend some more time on it tomorrow, if you want. I’ll have a closer look at them and give you a bit of feedback and then post them all in one go.


Wednesday 13th January 2021

Hope you are all okay! Here is some more of your amazing work!


Tuesday 12th January 2021

It was great to see you all today at the morning catch-up! I’m receiving lots of work which goes to show how hard you are all working! Well done – you’ve made a young man very happy! (Stop sniggering!!) Here’s some more of your work and what you’ve been up to:

Martha’s Ireland map

Monday 11th January 2021

Eagle’s have been hard at it today but there’s not so much to post as lots of drafting, research and rough work going on! Here’s some highlights:


Spring Week 1

Friday 8th January 2021

Some more of your amazing work. If you want to enlarge the picture move your cursor over it and click. You can then scroll through. Well done everyone!!

Jonathan’s Atlantic Salmon

Martha’s potato famine poster 

Jonathan’s Irish Potato Famine Poster

Thursday 7th January 2021

Well done – the excellent work keeps coming. If you can, email  it to me on the Eagles account. I am in the process of sorting how to put anything you have posted to Tapestry on here, but for the time being it is easier if you use email.

More highlights:

Also lovely to see a bit of sibling support – especially when it is a former Alpington star!

Wednesday 6th January 2021

What an amazing start to our new way of working!! You have produced some fantastic work under difficult circumstances. You should be really proud of yourself.

Here are some of the highlights:




Autumn Term 2021

Week Beginning 14th December

Monday was the Christmas Fair!! The Eagles organised the stalls and did a fantastic job!!

We also had a visit to Santa’s Grotto where the Grinch was the helper!!

Week Beginning 7th December

We’ve had more data from Eagles’ families to help with our Quality Street work!!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Eagles. We are working hard on our Kett’s Rebellion work and on Tudor Norwich amongst other things.

Quality Street Investigation

We are currently investigating how a tin of Quality Street is made up and what is the most popular of the 12 different sweets. We opened our own tin and analysed the contents which we then expressed as fractions and percentages (we then destroyed the evidence). Some families have also opened tins and sent us their results!

We then wondered what the most popular sweet was and decided to survey out families and friends, We are still collecting our data at the moment but hope to be able to organise and analyse this sometime this week. We aim to use pie charts to present our results.

Norfolk Virtual School Games – Cross-Country

Eagles have been participating in the Norfolk Virtual School Games and Mr Colbeck and Mrs Welch have been taking them to Yelveton Football Club to practise their Cross-Country. This Monday (7th) they had their final session. It is pleasing to report that everyone has improved over the last 4 weeks and there have also been some excellent individual performances!

After the session Mr Colbeck provided the class with an athletes breakfast of toast and melon!

Active Challenge Day – Thursday 19th Nov

Eagles managed to play badminton for almost exactly 3 hours today – quite an achievement!!

If you haven’t already – please make a donation!

We have had a brief practice for Active Challenge Day where we will be playing badminton for as long as we can!! Please support us by making a donation!!

Week 9

All is well in Eagles since we have been back after half-term. We are really enjoying our topic work –  we are continuing our Strangers theme and concentrating on Tudor Norwich and how it has changed and are just beginning to look at Kett’s Rebellion. We have been spending lots of time pouring over maps – one of the earliest known maps of any city is the Cuningham Map of Norwich from 1559. If you would like to investigate it more there is a link here. The map is interactive and if you hover over some of the features it will tell you what they are.

Here we are enjoying maps of Norwich!!

Several of the children have been for an exploration of Tudor Norwich (and Wymondham) as, unfortunately, a class trip is out of the question at the moment. If you can spare any time, a trip down Elm Hill and a wander through Tombland will really enhance your child’s learning! (Covid safe of course!!)

We  are also in the midst of building our own Elm Hill:

Eagles went up to the field today to practice for this year’s cross country competition.  This year the competition has gone virtual and the hunt is on to find the fastest year 6 class in Norfolk over 1400m.  Mr Colbeck had carefully measured out the course and it was great to see everyone take part.  Every second counts!

Week 7

After the half-term break we will be looking at Kett’s Rebellion and how Norwich has changed over time. We started this by looking at maps and satellite views of the city. We also had a go at drawing our own maps of Norwich. Please have a look at the Eagles page where there are details of how parents can help their children with this.

Week 5


Eagles have been improving their tag-rugby skills with Mr Colbeck this half-term.

Harvest Festival

Because of the current Covid restrictions we celebrated Harvest in our pods. Eagles walked to Yelverton Church where we were met by Rev Chris and Rev Kate. We took a few items to offer at the alter, the rest will be collected from school and taken to the Norwich Foodbank. We also took some Harvest art work to decorate the church. Rev Chris and Rev Kate spoke to us about Harvest and then we offered a class prayer. Rev Chris then gave us a blessing. The Eagles were immaculately behaved and a credit to the school. Thank you to Rev Chris and Rev Kate for such a warm welcome and all our parents for such generous offerings.

Collective Worship

We are still having daily Collective Worship which is normally done using a video link through Teams. Our current theme is The Fruits of the Spirit. 


We had great fun this week creating apples for our Harvest festival. We used oil pastels, which Ms Godbold encouraged us to blend. This produced same fabulous results.


We are currently working incredibly hard on different aspects of out topic – Strangers. We are investigating the Tudors and out big questions this half-term are ‘What do portraits tell us about Henry VIII?’, ‘What is the Church of England?’ and Why did Henry VIII have six wives?’ We have recently Been looking at the establishment of the Church of England and Henry’s dispute with the Pope. We looked at the Biblical refernces Henry used to try and justify the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

Tudor Portraits

Eagles have been looking in detail at Tudor portraits and have begun working on our own portraits of each other based on the style of Hans Holbein. We are at the sketching stage at the moment and will begin to paint next week. Here they are:

Week 3

Musical Apprectiation

Every morning and afternoon we listen to different music. So far we have listened to Beethoven, Mozart and a selection of opera, together with a bit of The Band, Walter Murphy and most importantly Bruce Springsteen!

Visit from Mr Li-Rocchi from Hobart HS

Mr Li-Rocchi came in on Wednesday morning to talk to the children about Hobart High School. The children had the opportunity to ask question and were given a prospectus to take home. The Eagles were, as always, perfectly behaved and a credit to Alpington!

Week 2 – PE with Mr Colbeck.

Practicing our rugby skills!  We were learning to “shadow” our team mate so that the ball could be passed backwards.  Great teamwork everyone.

Art – our portraits are coming on!

Week 1 – Back to school

Happy arrivals!

Eagles hard at work!


Lunch is now in the classroom

Art with Mrs Godbold is Tudor portraits and science is all about sound – we made a lot of it when investigating pitch and volume!!

Music lessons are back with Mrs Cork!!