Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Eagles in action!


Welcome back to the ‘Eagles in Action’ page. Here’s what we have been up to!

Our new topic this term is The Final Frontier in which we will be exploring all about space. If you want to know more about what we are learning, a curriculum plan is available on the Eagles page together with the latest class newsletter.

Week 5

On Tuesday afternoons, we have French with Mrs Brown. We have been learning how to describe our pets and the alphabet in French.

This Thursday was Diversity and Individuality Day. We were allowed to wear clothes which demonstrated our individuality. Lots of people came in their kit from sports clubs whilst others just wore what they felt illustrated their own personal style!


Week 4


As usual, on Friday mornings we have choir with Mrs Cork. At the moment we are learning  ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine’, ‘Hold Back the River’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’. As part of our music curriculum learning we listen to different music each week using Charanga’s Listening Calendar. This week we enjoyed ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis Presley.

Learning Links

To summarise our understanding of our topic work we encapsulate what we have learnt on our Learning Links. Our current question is ‘What are the main features of the Cold War?’

Week 3

This week we have been learning about how the moon, earth and sun interact. We have been watching the moon and noting down what shape it is. We also simulated the phases of the moon using a half-black ball to represent the moon and got our moon vocabulary sorted out!

On a Tuesday afternoon we have music with Mr Cooper. We are continuing to learn the  ukulele and this week we were concentrating on rhythmic patterns, chord structures and melody. Mrs Welch couldn’t resist coming down for a strum!

Week 2

In PE we will be concentrating on gymnastics for the first part of the term.

Week 1

We started by looking at our solar system and gathered information on the planets. We learnt the order of the planets using a mnemonic to help us. We then tested our knowledge by playing a pairs games called ‘Catch 1 Partner’.

Autumn Term 2022

Welcome to the ‘Eagles in Action’ page. Here’s what we have been up to!

Week 1

We began our topic, ‘Heroes’,  by creating a timeline from the Big Bang to the present day. We started off in the hall but soon realised we needed a lot more space … a lot more, as the Big Bang was 13.8 billion years ago.


Mrs Godbold took some of the class out to maintain the Friendship Garden …

Week 2

On Monday afternoons Mrs Godbold is taking the class for some Outdoor Learning which will be related to our topic. This week they considered the life of the Celts. They looked at the topography of an area and used compasses to decide directions. They decided where the Celts might settle using the natural resources available and the topography and discussed what a Celtic village might be like.

Week 3

As part of our RSE curriculum we discussed bullying – what it is, what it can look like, the effect it has and what to do if it is happening to us or someone else. We brainstormed our learning in small groups and remembered to ‘Spot it, Say it and Stop it’.


In PE this half-term the class is focussing on football. This is, in part, in preparation for a football competition we will be taking part in with other local schools at Hobart High School.

Week 4

Harvest Festival

This year we held Harvest Festival in school. The theme of our celebration was ‘sharing’. Each class presented a short piece on how different religions have sharing as part of their belief. Eagles explained to the school how ‘almsgiving’ or ‘Zakah’ is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and what this entailed.

Faith Week

All this week, in the afternoons, we have been learning about different world faiths. Classes have been mixed so we have welcomed children from KS1 and the rest of KS2 to our classroom. In Eagles, Mr Stowers has been teaching about Islam. It has been great fun having mixed-age classes and the Eagles have been amazing at supporting the younger learners


Week 5

Outdoor Learning

On Monday afternoon, the Eagles continued with their outdoor learning with Ms Godbold. They discovered how the Celts constructed their houses using mud and straw and then investigated Celtic patterns.


On Tuesday afternoons Eagles have Madam Brown for French. This week they had a game of ‘Blockbusters’ to revise their family members and then did a survey around the class about their families.


Week 6


All of KS2 took part in the Inter-schools Cross Country competition at Langley School on Thursday. Everyone did incredibly well, being courageous and resilient. Some of the Eagles ended up in the top ten. It is hoped that these runners will go on to a further competition later in the year.

Hate Crime

On Thursday we were lucky enough to participate in an on line presentation by Norfolk Police on Hate Crimes. It was really interesting and we found out what a Hate Crime is and what we can do about it if it happens to us or we witness it.

Week 8


As part of our Heroes topic we have been looking at Tacitus’s account of Boudicca’s revolt. By closely analysing this primary source we were trying to decide what it tells us about Boudicca and also what the Roman’s thought about the rebellion.

Week 9


This week the Eagles have begun a three week rugby coaching unit with staff from Langley School.


As part of our Heroes topic, the Eagles are looking at Pop Art and the work of Roy Lichtenstein. They began with researching his techniques and inspiration.

Week 10


Mr Cooper has continued to teach ukulele to the class this term and  we are now quite experienced players. We have been practising ‘The Final Countdown’ and a selection of Christmas songs.


We have been studying sound and how we hear, in science this term. As part of this we conducted an experiment to see how a person’s hearing range changes with age. We tested our friends and families at home and then shared our results as a class. We then calculated averages for each age and plotted these on a graph. We should now be able to estimate someone’s age based on their hearing test results – we will try this next week!

Week 11

Christmas Cake Making

In the great Alpington tradition, Eagles have started making their Christmas Cakes this week with help from Mrs Ward, Mrs Welch, Ms Godbold and Mrs Fisher.

Open Afternoon

We were pleased to welcome parents to our open afternoon where we had the opportunity to share our books and work with them.

Week 12

Tide and Time Visit

Together with the Year 5s, we visited the Tide and Time museum in Great Yarmouth for a Romans activity day.

We imagined ourselves as members of the Iceni tribe. We were recruited into the Roman army and received out training from Titus the rather strict Roman Centurion. We learnt to march, used a scutum (shield) and gladius (sword) and formed a testudo (tortoise defence formation) which was tested using wet sponges thrown by our adult helpers!

We met a Iceni druid who mixed magical potions and told us stories

We were also taken as slaves to Lady Livia an important Roman where we were given different jobs around her villa and she introduced us to a range of tools and equipment we needed to use. She also gave us slave names!

We were given instructions on how to make a torc and paint with woad by an Iceni warrior who also explained how to fight the Romans and gave us instructions on how to throw an axe.

Finally we rose up and revolted. Led by Boudicca, we drove the Romans away!

Week 13

As part of out ‘Heroes’ topic we have moved on to study volcanoes. We have learnt about how volcanoes are formed and spent some time on a labelled diagram to illustrate this.

Key Stage 1 Nativity

We had the privilege of watching the Key Stage 1 Nativity, ‘Prickly Hay’ on Monday afternoon. It was really good with loads of amazing singing and acting!

Week 14

This Tuesday afternoon we performed a selection of songs we have been learning with Mr Cooper in music to parents and children.


We are currently completing a unit on electricity. We have been drawing and making circuits, making switches, testing materials to see whether they are insulators or conductors and making and comparing circuits in parallel and series.

Christmas Lunch and Party

On Thursday we had our Christmas Lunch followed by our Christmas quiz and Party.