Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Swallows in action!


Swallows class 2021-2022

Week beginning 11th October 2021

This week, Swallows class have enjoyed not 1 but 2 trips! Our first trip was to Norwich Castle Museum where we were able to get up close and personal with real Ancient Egyptian artefacts and also show off all our knew knowledge! We looked at the mummification process, Egyptian clothes and jewelry, Egyptian farming and Egyptian food.

Our second trip was to Norwich Cathedral to see Dippy the dinosaur. We had a lovely morning sketching in the cloisters before our Dippy tour began. When it was our turn to head in to the exhibition, we learned a lot about Dippy and the things paleontologists have discovered about how the diplodocus would have lived just by looking at the dinosaur’s skeleton. Once again, Swallows class were little fonts of knowledge and keen to share their own facts as well as listen and learn to the new ones being shared with them.

Other projects we have started in class this week include: making our own canopic jars and creating PowerPoint presentations of all our favourite bits of our topic so far!

Week beginning 4th October 2021

Another wonderful week in Swallows class! In English this week the children have been empathetic and thoughtful writers by writing a diary entry as if they were Tadeo Jones, an explorer who discovers an ancient Egyptian tomb. The children had to think about using informal language and including all the features of a diary. Later on in the week, they had a go at writing the instructions of how to mummify a body.

In maths we have begun our work on addition and subtraction. At the beginning of the week we focused on adding and subtracting multiples of 100 and then began to think about using column addition to add and subtract ones to a three digit number.

In topic we have been learning about the Rosetta Stone and its significance. From this the children were able to learn all about hieroglyphs and wrote messages to one another on the playground. We have also been continuing on our work on mummification and have been designing our own canopic jars.


Week beginning 27th September 2021

Lots of ‘Archeaology’ themed learning happening in Swallows class this week. The children have set up an archaeology dig for themselves by burying a selection of objects and predicting what might happen to them whilst they are underground, tried their hand at mummification by practicing their skills on tomatoes and had a go at piecing together the story of the pharaohs by using their questioning skills to analyse Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

We also got to enjoy a lovely Harvest Festival celebration at the church!

Week beginning 20th September 2021

Another busy week in Swallows! We have enjoyed lots of exciting Ancient Egyptian themed learning opportunities including: bread making, exploring King Tut’s tomb and making our own Ancient Egyptian headdresses. We will be using all these great practical experiences to really inspire our writing next week!

Week beginning 13th September 2021

It’s been all systems go this week. We have covered lots of topic work and found out where Egypt is, thought about who the Ancient Egyptians really were and practiced our excavation techniques; we have learned new writing techniques in English which include similes, expanded noun phrases, personification and fronted adverbials; and continued with our place value work and building our confidence when working with 3-digit numbers in Maths. Well done Swallows!

Week beginning 6th September 2021

The new Swallows class have settled back into school life with enthusiasm. We have had a busy first week getting used to our new routines and getting stuck into this term’s topic- Archaeology!