Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Kingfishers in action!

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Kingfishers in Action!

Spring Term 2022

Food Glorious Food.

Week 2

In music, we are learning about how music makes the world a better place. We have started to improvise and follow instructions with our voices, tuned instruments, and rhythms. This week, we improvised using three notes to accompany an instrumental section of our song ‘The Rainbows’. We also followed musical notes to play along with parts of the melody.

In RSHE this week, our learning has been about germs and the importance of washing our hands, washing and/or cooking food before eating it, and vaccinations. We watched a children’s dramatisation about the life and work of Edward Jenner and wrote five facts about him. We found out that he made a vaccine for smallpox using cow pox because he realised that dairy maids who had caught cow pox did not catch smallpox. A few of us had a go at some film make-up using wet tissue paper and felt-tip pens.

In phonics, we are learning about the /er/ sound in her. We have practised reading and writing different spelling choices: /ur/ in surf, /ir/ in bird, /er/ in her and /ear/ in search.

Little Red Hen asked for our help to find alternative uses for bread other than sandwiches. The children had lots of really good suggestions and we had a go at making some pizza bread. The children designed their own toppings and then, after heating and eating at home, they evaluated their pizza, saying what their favourite bit was and how they might make it even better. Following this, the children wrote back to Little Red Hen, to tell her about our pizzas and making other suggestions for bread use she might like to try.


It is lovely to see the children back in class after the Christmas break.

Week 1

We have started this term with a discussion about Christmas traditions. We found out that although all our families have traditions and many of them are about the same aspect of celebrating Christmas, we all do things in our own ways. For example, how we decorate the top of the tree, what we leave out for Father Christmas and his reindeer, and when we give and open presents.

In maths, we have been remembering our learning about 2D shapes and beginning to move on to 3D shapes. We are using mathematical vocabulary to give clues and describe shapes for a partner to guess the name. Ask your child about some of these words and what they mean: sides, equal, vertices, faces, edges.

In phonics we have reviewed split digraphs – a common stumbling block at this age – and are starting to learn some different ways of spelling ur as in fur. Bug Club phonics has lots of games and books to help your child to practise reading, and using these sounds and spelling choices – login details should be inside the front cover of their home book, please let me know if you have any problems.

This half term in music, we are learning about rhythm, beat and pitch. We will be using all of these as we learn to use our voices and other musical instruments.

In RSHE, we are finding out how to be our best self. We are starting by learning about learning. Ask your child to draw you a learning line and to explain what it means. Everything is difficult until it’s easy, and learning at school is the same. We are being resilient rhinos this term to make sure we always try our hardest, practise, don’t give up and encourage each other.