Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Planning by Subject

Geography, history, art, DT, computing, music, science and RE are usually taught as part of topics.  This means that the subject specific knowledge is woven together in a meaningful way.  Learning has a context and a purpose.  Children have lots of opportunities to see patterns, make connections and work creatively.

Where subject content does not fit into topics, it will be taught in a block or “mini topic”, usually over one or two weeks.  During a school year it would be usual for at least part of the RE, science and RSHE curriculum to be taught in this way.

Careful planning and sequencing of national curriculum content ensures coverage and that children revisit their learning and build on what they know.

Key Stage teams will plan additional content for each subject, as appropriate to the cohort of children they are teaching, using our Alpington Journey and our curriculum vision to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of Alpington Children.

This is detailed in class planning for each term.  Click here to see more information on class planning.

Pathway for Alpington

Curriculum content by subject




KS1 Art across topics

KS1 Computing across topics

KS1 DT across topics

KS1 Geography across topics

KS1 History across topics

KS1 Science across topics


KS2 Art across topics

KS2 Computing across topics

KS2 DT across topics

KS2 Geography across topics

KS2 History across topics

KS2 Science across topics

Sport and PE