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Spring term: Here and There

Week 3

In school…

We set up a science experiment to see the effect different drinks have on our teeth. We used Cola, orange juice, water and milk. What do you think will happen to the teeth (eggs) after a few days? Write your predictions using the OneNote (click on the link).

At home…

Thursday: A super day of work!! Lots of fantastic writing. So proud of you Owls.




Week 2

Another great start to home learning. It’s great seeing the work you are doing, having little messages posted on Stream and also seeing you all on Teams for the guided reading sessions.

In school…

We have enjoyed listening to and reading Twist of Gold. We have made some predictions about what we think might happen. Listen to them on the Owls Stream page.

After drafting, editing and writing up our letters from Mother, we made envelopes out of brown paper and stuck them in our journals. They look great.

The children enjoyed working out the largest and smallest perimeter of a shape with 10cm(squared). They also worked out the area and perimeter of their first name.


At home…

Friday: A fab end to the week – well done everyone! I have set up a whole class meet on Monday at 9am – really hope you can all make it. Check out Ellie’s skeleton – she had a fab time making to gymnastics moves! Ellie Skeleton Work



Wednesday’s learning…

Another great day of learning at home – really well done to all of you! I love seeing what you’ve been up to so please keep them coming.

Susan has been hard at work again, completing maths, working on model verbs and researching the potato famine. She even found time for a bike ride!!

Tommy has been doing some great work at home. He has been reading lots of stories, helping cook the dinner by working out the timings for everything and conducting science experiments in the icy weather. He also completed the area work for maths: Tommy

At home…

A few updates…


What a super week of home learning. Owls, you have made me feel very proud at your determination to get on with the task. We are such resilient learners. I’m really looking forward to next week and seeing what you’ve been up to.

WOW home learning is off to a great start, and it was so wonderful to hear from you and know you are ok.

Susan has completed the work on perimeter using her iPad – well done. Susan perimeter

In school…

we have been continuing work on perimeter. We used 3 numicon shapes and had to find the largest and smallest perimeter – we did this by drawing on the tables, which was very fun and felt a bit naughty!!

After watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks display in London as part of our collective worship, we thought about the messages we would light up with sky with. What messages could we give to offer hope to our school and local community. These are the ideas from the children in school.

The children enjoyed making their worry dolls yesterday. They remembered how to tie knots which we learnt during our weaving, and then added lots of details too! Sometimes it is hard to talk to people about our worries, but hopefully it will be easier to talk to these dolls.

Week beginning 14th December

We really enjoyed the Christmas Fair – the Year 6’s did a fantastic job at designing the (covid safe) stalls, and we all loved having a go at winning the prizes!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed our lovely Christmas lunch! We tucked in, pulled crackers and sang our thanks to the lunchtime staff.

During science, we conducted an investigation into shadows. We all know these are formed when an opaque object blocks the light, but we wanted to know how the distance to the light source affected the size of the shadows. We planned in groups, thinking about keeping the test fair, what we would measure and what equipment we would need.


Conducting the experiment – we thought about what problems we faced and how to improve them.

We sang beautifully at our outdoor Christmas service as we learnt more about the Christmas story. It was wonderful to be back as one whole school again!

In the afternoon, we had so much fun playing games, dancing and then watching the rest of the Christmas film! It was the perfect end to a fabulous term! Great job Owls!!


Week beginning 7th December

We have had a fantastic start to the week! We performed our dance to Thurton Primary School, and watched theirs as well. It was great! We performed confidently and with no mistakes! Check it out on our stream page

We begun our topic on LIGHT. We knew that darkness is the absence of light and could name opaque, transparent and translucent materials and objects. We then had a go at making blackout dens!

We were then given a challenge – Rudolf had lost his glow and needed a light to shine the way for Santa. The children had to light up Santa, but the torch had to stay still. The solution: use mirrors to reflect the light! Great job Owls.

Jesus is the light of the world! We celebrated this at the Christingle service. We sang beautifully and listened attentively.

Week beginning 30th November

What a week!! We have been so busy preparing for our Royal visitor – baking sausage rolls & biscuits, making marzipan treats, creating flags with the Norwich coat of arms on, singing our song to Greensleeves and practising our Tudor dancing!

On Wednesday, we all arrived in our Tudor outfits – we looked great. In our topic lesson, we became EMPATHETIC historians, as thought about what life would have been like for people in Norwich during the Tudor times. We used candles to light the classroom, then wrote diary entries about our feelings of the Queen coming.

We then welcomed the Queen to our fine city of Norwich (Alpington!) We had a fabulous day and impressed her with dancing, a fanfare on recorders, poetry, singing, a tour of Norwich and even had some jesters to make her chuckle! It was such fun and ALL the children performed with such confidence. Watch this video (on stream) to get an idea of what the day held!

We are practising our weaving skills to be like the Strangers of Norwich in Tudor times, but first we had to learn to tie knots!

Week beginning 23rd November

Our learning has progressed this week to learning how to read grid references on an OS map. We could all do 4 figures and some of us were even able to do 6 figure grid references! We looked at maps on Norwich and used the key to find certain places and buildings. We really enjoyed this activity!

We then related this to Tudor Norwich and looked at the Cunningham map which is one of the first maps produced of a city. We looked at what was similar and different to Norwich today. It was much smaller, despite being second in population to London during Tudor period. It also had a city wall and may animals living in the city. We were fascinated to see that Chapelfield was actually a field by the chapel with animals in!

We practised our Tudor dancing ready for our very special visitor on Wednesday – don’t forget your costumes.

In maths, the Year 4s have been working on factor pairs – we used cubes to help us find all the possibilities. In Owls, we are all still practising our times table facts to make this job easier and more efficient.

Owls lead collective worship this week on SELF-CONTROL. We all spoke beautifully with confidence and clarity – fab jobs guys!

Week beginning 16th November

We took part in the active challenge to help raise money for the school. We had so much fun and did some super bouncing for 3 hours and 45 minutes!! We did over 25,000 bounces!! Take a look by clicking here.

We have been looking at Norwich. We have found Norwich/Norfolk on the world map and then focused in using maps of Norwich. We have looked at the well known buildings of Norwich and tried to order these in chronology of when they were built. We were surprised that Norwich had a chocolate factory and a mustard factory.

After looking at the location of these buildings, we talked about what we might find in the Centre and why new places like the hospital and Longwater have been built outside the city.

We looked at a tourist information map and used the key to locate places. We then used coordinates (to link with maths) to be more specific with our locations.

Week beginning 9th November

When Queen Elizabeth visits our ‘fine city’ in a few weeks time, we want to read her some poetry. Therefore we have been writing ideas down for a poem based on ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare. We watched an animated version on the BBC and then brainstormed noun phrases about it ready for creating our poems tomorrow.

In RE, we will be looking at the diversity of the Christian faith. To begin this topic, we looked at our class and our ‘beliefs’. We thought about what makes us the same (we are all at Alpington School and we are all Owls), but how we all believe or how we are different. We talked about it being ok to have differing ideas and opinions on something, and how the language that we use can either cause conflict or promote peace.

Last week, we talked PANTS! This is an NSPCC video to help children stay safe. It teaches children that their body belongs to them, and they should tell someone they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried. If you’d like to watch the clip and discuss this further with your child, please click on these PANTS!

Week beginning 2nd November 

On Tuesday, we had a special royal visitor! A messenger rode all the way from London to deliver us a special letter informing us that Queen Elizabeth I will be visiting us in a few weeks for a guided tour of Norwich! We were so excited, and have been planning the most extravagant welcome for our Tudor Sovereign.

Planning for the arrival of our Queen…cakes, hog roasts, songs, poems, dancing, acrobats….!!


Week beginning 19th October

This week we have been learning and exploring sound.

We have learnt how sounds are made…

We investigated how to change pitch…

We found patterns between the volume of sound and the vibrations produced.

How does the distance affect the volume?


Week beginning 12th October

We have had a really busy and fun week again!

In maths, we have been learning about negative numbers. We have ordered them from smallest to largest, using them to read thermometers and then working out differences.

We have been movie makers this week! We have been writing our own chronological report on Henry VIII and his 6 wives. We have been saving photos from the internet, recording ourselves reading our work and piecing it all together to make our own movies. We really enjoyed this activity. They will be on STREAM next week so please watch and enjoy!

Our collective worship team was from Owls this week! They did a brilliant job talking about William Wilberforce, Dr Barnado and Malala Yousafzai.

Week beginning 5th October

We have been learning to round numbers to 10, 100, 1000 and even beyond! Some of us went out to draw number lines on the playground to help us.

We have been using BBC Supermovers to help learn key facts like our multiplication tables.

We have enjoyed some harvest activities this week. We watched a video about harvest and talked about the people who help provide our food. We thought about what we needed to be thankful and wrote these on autumnal leaves. In art, we used watercolours to paint fruit and vegaetables.

Instead of our usual harvest festival, each bubble enjoyed their own worship at the church. Rev. Chris gave us a warm welcome and led us for a short service and we also met our new Rev. Kate. Owls donated many food items which, along with the items at school, will be given to Norwich Food Bank – thank you for your kind donations. We then presented the church with our wonderful watercolour paintings.

Week beginning 28th September

We have been learning and revising how to use Roman Numerals. We have been making them using resources in class, going on a Roman Numeral hunt and using them to solve sums.

In our topic work, we have been researching Henry VIII and his 6 wives. We have thought about reliable sources of information and whether these sources are primary (from the time) or secondary.

Week beginning 21st September

Say HELLO! to our new school councillors, Millie and Eden! We think they will be great and we look forward to seeing them shine their lights and working wonders in our school.

We have been working on accurate punctuation to help with our reading and writing. We punctuated the alphabet, read it to our partner who had to work out what punctuation we had used!

After looking closely at teacher’s photographs and trying to work out their personalities, we repeated the activity with Henry VIII. We looked closely and tried to infer what he was like. We then found out whether this was a true representation or not.

14th September

We had a great lesson learning about chronology! The children worked fabulously in small groups to order pictures from most ancient to the most recent. We used key vocabulary such as modern/ancient/BC and AD. They used great reasoning skills e.g. It’s a photograph and not a painting so it must be modern. Super work Owls!

We have been working on place value this week. We are able to read BIG numbers, write them and work them out in different representations.

We have been looking at expanded noun phrases in English lessons. We have found them in our reading books and used them to improve our writing. We went outside to write expanded noun phrases. We were very descriptive!


We’re back!! 

We have had a great couple of days settling into Owls class. We have gone through the ‘new normal’ routines and are getting used to this new way of working…we are all smiling!!

We have been thinking about ourselves and learning how we are similar, different and how we are unique. We did lots of work on how to let our lights shine in class, and what behaviours we need to demonstrate to let other people’s lights shine as well. This helped form our class rules. We wrote them in BIG writing on the playground so everyone would have a little reminder when moving about the school.