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Summer Term – Myths and Legends

16th April

We have been curious scientists this week. We have talked about fair tests and what variables we need to keep the same, change and measure. Last week we put eggs (to resemble teeth) in different drinks, to see the effect on the shells. This week, we took them out for the first time to observe the changes. 

We have been empathetic learners in English topic work. We have been learning about the features of myths and this week, been learning how to create atmosphere and describe characters through their actions and speech. 

In music, we are learning to read notation and perform as a class – curious and courageous!

In maths, we are learning to be thoughtful and courageous, but understanding decimals, and comparing these to fractions.


9th April

Due to Year 6 SATs, we have had the rest of the year 5s with us this week for some lessons. We have been very thoughtful and empathetic learners – getting along and supporting each other brilliantly.

In PE, we have been courageous and aspirational. We have played a number of different sports such as rounders, and have also been practising for PE. We have learnt how to pass the baton correctly and how to use different pacing for sprints and long distance racing.  

As part of our topic, we began learning the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. We had lots of work with mazes and thought about what it might have been like for Theseus in the labyrinth under the city in Crete (Empathetic). We had a go at leading each other through a maze on the playground to get us into character (Curious). 

Continuing our empathetic and curious learning, we used drama to explore the story in more detail. We then used these pictures, along with words and phrases we magpied from other versions, to help us write our story. 

In science, we have furthered our learning on the digestive system. We used digestive biscuits, orange juice and a pair of tights to model what happened in our bodies. We then had to try and learn the functions of each part. 


2nd April

Year 4 learnt all about car safety this week. They were super curious and asked many thoughtful questions. They will be able to tell you all about why we should wear seat belts and also which car seats are appropriate for their age.

In history, we have been courageous historians. After arriving in Ancient Greece in our time machines, exploring and describing the area, we looked at some greek vases which depicted everyday life in Ancient Greece. We used our inference skills to guess what might be happening, then used these ideas to generate questions for an historical enquiry.

In Science, we began learning about the digestive system, which begins with our teeth. These funny faces were made as we used the mirrors to look at the shape of our teeth and guess the function they all have. 

In maths, we have been courageous and curious learners. We have been learning to use tenths and hundredths – converting them to decimals and fractions. We used a hundred square to explore this and were able to see which ones were bigger and smaller. 


Week 1

We began our learning by being curious learners in RE. We recapped on the facts of Islam and learnt that Muslims do not represent Allah in human form. Instead arabesque and geometric patterns and calligraphy are used. We chose one of the 99 beautiful names for Allah and thought about what colours and patterns we could use to represent these. We explored shapes, colours and patterns in our art books, and then chose our special one which we made into a printing tile. We were really thoughtful and courageous with explaining our reasoning behind our designs. 


We enjoyed our Easter service at the church last week. Father Chris reminded us of the special foods that we eat at this time of year and what they represent for Christians. We sang well and some of us mimed part of the Easter story.

In maths, we have been very courageous by using all our skills with fractions and multiplication to solve lots of problems!

After designing our time machines this week, we ‘went back in time’! Being curious learners and using our knowledge of chronology, we had to use a timeline and figure out missing dates and events in world history. We then arrived in ancient Greece!