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Week 6 

What a week – 2 fantastic trips!!

On Monday, we went to Norwich Castle Museum for an Ancient Egyptian day. The whole day revolved around the debate of what should be done with the artefacts found the tomb: should they be taken out and explored by historian and museum visitors, or should replicas be made which we can all enjoy and learn from? Within the day, we handled some real Ancient Egyptian artefacts, learnt about everyday life, explored the process of mummification and also made a replica Egyptian necklace. We were such curious learners and asked many thoughtful questions, we were also immaculately behaved!

Our second trip was to see Dippy the Dinosaur at the Cathedral. It was really interesting and we enjoyed learning lots of facts. We also spent some time appreciating our surroundings as the Cathedral is so beautiful – we did lots of observation work and some great sketching.

This week, we have been courageous and thoughtful writers. We have been completing our reports on Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb. We have thought about what a good piece of writing looks like and how we can edit and improve our own work to achieve success. 


Week 5

Once again, we have been curious historians and thoughtful users of ICT. We have asked many questions about King Tutankhamun and the discovery of his tomb, and tried to answer these using secondary sources such as the internet (child friendly websites), videos and non-fiction books. The children were very thoughtful and questioned why they didn’t always find the same answers in each source.

We have been courageous mathematicians this week! We were learning where numbers should be placed on a number line. We talked about adding information we knew already using halving, which then allowed us to add numbers. Miss Betts challenged us by giving us numbers represented in different ways. We worked really well and did some fantastic explanations and reasoning with our partners. We also wrote on the table which was super fun!

Week 4

We have been learning to use Roman Numerals for place value this week. We have had lots of practical practice and then went on a Roman Numeral hunt.

In outdoor learning, we had ago at building our own shelters. This was a lot harder than we had planned as it was so windy. We talked about what difficulties we had and how we could overcome these next week. Despite the problems, we still had a lot of fun!

After discovering King Tut’s tomb, we have been finding out about him and the discovery using a range of sources. We enjoyed looking at the non fiction books and finding out key information. We talked about the specific highlighted words and how we use the glossary to find the meanings.

Week 3

Another fantastic week. I am so impressed with the way Owls are approaching their learning – they are such thoughtful and curious learners.

This week, we had s very special message from an archaeologist. He said an Ancient Egyptian tomb had been discovered and they needed our help! We wrote a diary to show how we were feeling – excited, scared and a bit nervous. After a long and tiring (imaginative) journey, we arrived at the tomb. We peeked through the small chink in the sandstone and could see lights! Once we eventually picked our way through, we were amazed at what we saw…

In class, we were curious archaeologists and thought about what clues we had about the owner of this tomb. We thought it was a male and possibly a rich king who was important. We disagreed with the wheel – some of us thought this person drove a cart, some thought a chariot and some of us thought he may have been killed by a vehicle with a wheel!

In maths, we have been courageous learners – explaining our reasoning well.

We linked art and science this week, when we recapped on the formation of fossils (fossilisation) and then made our own fossils using mark making techniques in clay.

In outdoor learning, we thought about where we need to build our shelters in order to increase our chances of survival!

Week 2

We have been curious and courageous mathematicians – learning about place value and explaining our reasons really well. There were a few light bulbs moments which was great to see! We have enjoyed using our new maths boxes full of equipment to help our learning.

We enjoyed being curious learners in outdoor learning this week with Mrs Godbold. We learnt how to use a compass, draw maps and look for evidence of things in our environment that would help us survive!

We have been curious scientists this week as we have been observing and testing different rocks. We used Minecraft to spark our interest and then looked at the density, durability and permeability of rocks. We also had a go at being an archaeologist – we dug carefully in the garden to see what items we could find. We were able to record our findings on our grid.

What a fantastic start to the year! The children have all been courageous and resilient when entering the class so far. They have shown great empathy looking out for each other and understanding how we need to behave to ensure everyone has the chance to let their light shine.

Here’s a few snippets of our learning this week: (photos to follow on Monday)

Discussing our class values – how can we keep our class a happy, safe and fun place to be?

Learning to be an archaeologist:

What clues can we find from one piece of a jigsaw? We had to be curious and thoughtful learners by asking questions and thinking about what we could work out and what information we still needed.

Excavating a cookie. We had to show great resilience and focus with this task. We talked about what a hard job an archaeologist would be, and how they would have to be careful not to damage the artefacts.

Drama – Showing empathy for archaeologists through drama. We then used all our thoughts and feelings in our writing.