Alpington & Bergh Apton C of E VA Primary School

Owls in action!

Week 4

Curious maths – we are learning to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. We used numicon to help us count the parts. We were then able to make the connection to our multiplication facts! We were all pleased with our progress.

We have been empathetic writers this week. We have been learning to describe and develop characters through their actions. Here we are acting out what our character Liam would have felt like when he found a picture of his family. We then used this to improve a section from the book by adding more ‘show, not tell’ description. 

Using our science knowledge, we were challenged to be courageous and use our understanding of the earth and sun to make a ‘documentary’. We worked really well in groups to come up with a short film. More pics to follow. 

Week 3

After last week’s science investigation, this week we looked into one of the questions the children came up with – which material works best to slow the speed of descent when using a parachute. We were curious learners who thoughts how to keep our comparative test fair. The children made parachutes out of different materials and then we tested them out, trying to keep as many variables the same as possible. 

We had a set of results which we had to plot onto a graph. We were courageous mathematicians who used our knowledge of fractions and decimals to work out the scale on the axis and what each increment represented. We were then able to use this to be courageous scientists and explain what our results showed and why. #

Week 2

In science, we have been curious learners as we have been investigating how the size of the parachute affects the speed at which it falls. We used our previous ideas and knowledge to make a prediction of which size we thought would work best. We then conducted the experiment with Mrs Blazer on the table (don’t try this at home!) After we had our results, we were thoughtful learners as we thought about why our test wasn’t the most reliable. 

During maths, we were learning about perimeter. We used numicon to find the smallest and largest perimeters – we were very curious and thoughtful mathematicians who tried to find all possibilites.

During Art, we have been curious and courageous. We have been looking at different pictures of space and using these to design our own interpretation. We used pastels, paints and collage. 

Spring Term: The Final Frontier

We’ve settled back into school life really well and hit the ground running with our new topic called The Final Frontier.

We received a letter giving us the opportunity to go into space. We had mixed views about this, but being empathetic & thoughtful learners, our lessons gave us plenty of opportunity to discuss, share and inform our opinions! We were then courageous learners who were able to write reasoned responses. 

Curious and courageous maths: We got straight back into our maths work with some recapping and revising of squared and cubed numbers. Our new learning was on area – counting shapes and using a formula. Year 5 had some large areas to work out which helped us recap ling multiplication. Great start to the week Owls!

After watching videos of rockets taking off, we began our learning on FORCES. We were curious learners who were given a tray of items to explore. The children made them move using different actions, but had to think about what the forces were and which force was the greatest. 

Week 14

Our last week of the Autumn term!! We have had a such a good term – we’ve learnt lots, made new friends and had fun.

Today we celebrated with our Christmas lunch and our Christmas party. We partied with Swallows which was a lot of fun. We danced, played games and laughed a lot. We even had a little visit from Santa who brought our class some fun games for break time.

The children wrote some fantastic persuasive letters last week after being inspired by Marcus Rashford, about food poverty in the UK. They asked their families to donate an item of food so we could give to our local collection.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the families who have donated – look at all the wonderful gifts we can give this year. Well done Owls for being courageous advocates.

In our last outdoor learning session, we made some beautiful clay sculptures, and then Mrs Godbold treated us to a fire with marshmallows. We loved it.

Week 13

We loved watching the Key Stage 1 nativity this week. They were brilliant in their performance called ‘Prickly Hay’ – they sang and acted superbly. It reminded us  of when we were in KS1!

This week, we became curious scientists again and conducted a comparison test to see which materials were conductors or insulators.

Week 12

We went on a school trip to the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth this week. We had a fabulous time and were able to be aspirational and empathetic learners. We looked at Roman artefacts with Lady Livia which helped us understand how the Roman’s lived their everyday lives. We spent time with an Iceni warrior where we made a silver torc and learnt what weapons and battle techniques the Iceni used. We learnt about the life of a Druid and how potions and spells can impact their lives, and then we spent time training as a Roman soldier! We had so much knowledge which we shared with the leaders, but also learnt many interesting facts as well. (I am having problems downloading the pictures so please watch this space!)

This week we welcomed the parents/grandparents/friends in to help us decorate our Christmas cakes. We really enjoyed ourselves and created some fantastic designs. Thank you to all those who gave up their time to help us.

We have been curious and courageous readers and artists this week. We have been focussing on Amanda Gorman who read her poem ‘The Hill we Climb” at President Biden’s inauguration. We looked at her words and what these meant, and then looked at the techniques she used. We created fantastic colourful posters in the style of Loren Long who illustrated Gorman’s book ‘Change Sings’. 

Week 11

We enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents this week. We had so much work to show them!!

We were curious and thoughtful scientists this week. We reviewed our learning, then had a challenge to make a switch so our circuit would turn on and off. Some of us were very successful with this. We drew our circuits again, but this week, we had to use correct circuit symbols for each component and had to keep our circuits in a rectangle shape. 

Week 10

We have been practising out shooting skills in PE this week. We enjoyed being resilient and were especially pleased when the ball went into the hoop! 

We have been curious and courageous learners in maths: Year 5 have been using their times table facts and short multiplication skills to work out cubed numbers. We enjoyed making the cubes first! Year 4 used their division facts to work out the factors of numbers. We used counters to help us begin with, but as we became more confident, some of us were able to work out the factors in our heads.

Week 9

Our favourite…den building!! We loved working as a team to build our dens. We had to think about how to attach the tarps, how to keep our den stable and how to work so we can all share our ideas. The results were great and we were even allowed to play in our dens at lunchtime!

During science, we started our new topic: ELECTRICITY. We learnt about battery and mains operated electrical appliances, and then replicated the circuit inside, using our own electrical equipment. We had to be thoughtful learners as we had to make a circuit to make an appliance work and then draw our circuits on the table. We really loved our learning! 

Week 8

This week, we have been learning about volume in our science topic. We have been curious learners as we have been figuring out how to make the best string telephone and also how to muffle the alarm clock so Mr Bear can sleep in ‘Peace at Last’! We’ve been courageous as we have had to use all our knowledge to solve the problems. 

We found out that Kingfisher’s have been writing their own version of ‘Peace at Last’, so we were thoughtful peers, and listened to their stories. We had a great time and really enjoyed listening to their work. They had some super description and some us were surprised at how much they had written! 

On Monday, we enjoyed outdoor learning with Mrs Godbold. The children learnt about Buddhist zen gardens and had a go at making their own ephemeral gardens. We had a great time!

Week 7

We are practising our column method subtraction. Today we were thoughtful mathematicians as we were supporting each other and checking we had the right methods and answers.

Wet PE lesson meant we had to go into hall. We have been working on building stamina and so we did some short circuit routines to help with this. We had lots of fun but it was hard work! 

We were empathetic historians today and stepped into the shoes of the Romans. We recapped on our prior knowledge about Celts and Romans and used this to think about what the Romans thought the Picts who lived in Scotland. We looked at primary sources which described the Picts and why these opinions meant that the Romans may not have wanted to invade. We thought about how we could live alongside this tribe without always fighting. Eventually someone suggested building a wall which led us to a fantastic debate as to whether this was a good idea or not. 


Week 6

Empathetic History: We looked at how Boudicca has been represented in history. We read some sections of primary sources written by Tacitus, who described Boudicca as fierce and hard voice. We then looked at other paintings and drawings of her, and thought about what these artists were trying to portray. We then had a go at creating our own interpretation of Boudicca using our own choice of media. 

Empathetic history and courageous English – we were put into groups: ‘Boudicca is a hero’ and ‘Boudicca is a villain’. We worked in groups to come up with our ideas and then we had a fantastic debate where we gave our thoughts and opinions. 

On Wednesday, we were all resilient learners at the cluster cross country. We all tried our best – some of us came home with medals, but ALL of us came home with a big smile on our faces. 

Week 5

We have been curious historians this week – we have been researching the Celts and the Romans, and thinking about how they lived differently despite living in the same period in history. Using the computers, half of us found out about Celts and half found out about the Romans. Once we had completed this, we were curious listeners as we worked in small groups to teach each other about our findings. 

After our research, we became empathetic historians and writers, and thought about how the Celts would feel seeing the Romans approaching. We were so keen to do our writing and even requested more time so we could add extra detail! 

In art with Mrs Godbold, we have been learning about the different types of pots the Romans used to carry their goods for trading. We designed our own and then had a go at making our designs out of clay. We really enjoyed this activity and were proud of our finished articles. 

Week 4

It has been FAITH week at Alpington this week where we have been displayed all of our curriculum values in out learning. We have learnt about a different faiths each afternoon, and also how these compare and contrast to Christianity. Please see the FAITH WEEK page for more information and pictures. 

We have been doing lots of reading in our topic work this week – reading for information to answer questions about Pompeii. We found out lots of different facts but soon realised that different sources of information gave us different answers. We then became courageous historians! We looked at secondary sources and a primary source (a letter from Pliny the Younger). We thought about which ones were the most useful and the most reliable – this led to some really thoughtful discussions. 

After reading some extracts from historical novels, the children became empathetic historians and put themselves in the shoes of the people of Pompeii. If the ground had been rumbling, cracks appearing, birds fleeing, the sea ‘misbehaving’ and some smoke in the air – would you leave or stay? The children sorted ideas and gave some of their own. We then had a mini discussion at the end where we gave our thoughts and opinions. 

Linking to our topic and learning on the Romans, we have been securing our understanding of Roman Numerals. We went on a Roman numeral hunt, used these to solve calculations and ordered our numbers from smallest to largest. We have enjoyed learning about Roman numerals!

Week 3

We have been recapping on place value this week. We played a game where the children had to make certain numbers from the dice. They then had to work out who had the largest and smallest number on their table. There was some fantastic reasoning from all the children.

Week 2

Curious and courageous – we began our topic looking at volcanoes. We thought about words and phrases to describe volcanoes, and then learnt about the different types of volcanoes using specific geographical vocabulary. We then watched our volcano explode using vinegar and bicarbonate soda which allowed us to identify solids, liquids and gases. Following this, we were empathetic geographers and thought about why people choose to live by volcanoes,  

Following our learning on volcanoes, we linked our work to Pompeii. The children were courageous archaeologists as they inferred from the pictures of primary sources and asked thoughtful questions to build an enquiry.

After learning about what happened to Pompeii in AD79, we learnt about Roman towns. Using this knowledge, and pictures from the book ‘Escape from Pompeii’, we brainstormed descriptive noun phrases to help us with our creative writing. 

Owls had a couple of courageous ‘experts’ tell us about their visits to Pompeii and volcanoes in Lanzarote. They spoke clearly and answered many of the children’s questions! 

In maths, the children have been learning to use place value to order and compare numbers. We had some super reasoning too! 







A3 Owls Logo

New Academic Year!!

Week 1

What a start to the year! The Owls are settling in well and becoming accustomed to the new expectations and routines of Owls, as well as rekindling and making new friendships, which is great to see.

We have been discussing our school values and our class guidelines. We took photographs of what these will look like and made a great display to remind us how to behave. 

We have discussed our new topic HEROES and thought about what a hero is. Children thought about what a hero is like and who were their heroes. We will review this at the end of the topic to see if their ideas have changed.

As part of RSE, we learnt about healthy relationships and what makes a good friend. This led to us learning about bullying. We were able to recognise what the difference between bullying and being mean or rude is, and then made our own anti-bullying videos in small groups. We worked really hard to get the message that bullying is persistent, makes people feel sad and anxious most of the time, and we also knew who we could trust to talk to if we or anyone we knew, was being bullied. 

Summer Term – Myths and Legends

After learning about the Ancient Greeks, their gods and their myths, we planned and wrote our own. We tried to use all our skills we’ve learned over the year to make this our best piece of writing (aspirational). We then worked in pairs to recreate part of our myths into a STOP animation, which we really enjoyed! 

We enjoyed being curious scientist with a lady from the Bee Line. We learnt how to use keys to identify invertebrates and also what we can do to help attract and look after bees, which are fantastic pollinators.

Norfolk Show

We performed as the KS2 choir at the Norfolk Show. Mrs Cork had worked really well with us and we sang our hearts out to the public. We were so good that many passers-by stopped to listen to our beautiful voices!


Over the past few weeks, we have been aspirational learners as we have been practising our performance of Hoodwinked. We were so courageous as it was quite hard work learning all our lines and performing them to an audience, but we did a fab job and everyone loved it!

16th April

We have been curious scientists this week. We have talked about fair tests and what variables we need to keep the same, change and measure. Last week we put eggs (to resemble teeth) in different drinks, to see the effect on the shells. This week, we took them out for the first time to observe the changes. 

We have been empathetic learners in English topic work. We have been learning about the features of myths and this week, been learning how to create atmosphere and describe characters through their actions and speech. 

In music, we are learning to read notation and perform as a class – curious and courageous!

In maths, we are learning to be thoughtful and courageous, but understanding decimals, and comparing these to fractions.


9th April

Due to Year 6 SATs, we have had the rest of the year 5s with us this week for some lessons. We have been very thoughtful and empathetic learners – getting along and supporting each other brilliantly.

In PE, we have been courageous and aspirational. We have played a number of different sports such as rounders, and have also been practising for PE. We have learnt how to pass the baton correctly and how to use different pacing for sprints and long distance racing.  

As part of our topic, we began learning the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. We had lots of work with mazes and thought about what it might have been like for Theseus in the labyrinth under the city in Crete (Empathetic). We had a go at leading each other through a maze on the playground to get us into character (Curious). 

Continuing our empathetic and curious learning, we used drama to explore the story in more detail. We then used these pictures, along with words and phrases we magpied from other versions, to help us write our story. 

In science, we have furthered our learning on the digestive system. We used digestive biscuits, orange juice and a pair of tights to model what happened in our bodies. We then had to try and learn the functions of each part. 


2nd April

Year 4 learnt all about car safety this week. They were super curious and asked many thoughtful questions. They will be able to tell you all about why we should wear seat belts and also which car seats are appropriate for their age.

In history, we have been courageous historians. After arriving in Ancient Greece in our time machines, exploring and describing the area, we looked at some greek vases which depicted everyday life in Ancient Greece. We used our inference skills to guess what might be happening, then used these ideas to generate questions for an historical enquiry.

In Science, we began learning about the digestive system, which begins with our teeth. These funny faces were made as we used the mirrors to look at the shape of our teeth and guess the function they all have. 

In maths, we have been courageous and curious learners. We have been learning to use tenths and hundredths – converting them to decimals and fractions. We used a hundred square to explore this and were able to see which ones were bigger and smaller. 


Week 1

We began our learning by being curious learners in RE. We recapped on the facts of Islam and learnt that Muslims do not represent Allah in human form. Instead arabesque and geometric patterns and calligraphy are used. We chose one of the 99 beautiful names for Allah and thought about what colours and patterns we could use to represent these. We explored shapes, colours and patterns in our art books, and then chose our special one which we made into a printing tile. We were really thoughtful and courageous with explaining our reasoning behind our designs. 


We enjoyed our Easter service at the church last week. Father Chris reminded us of the special foods that we eat at this time of year and what they represent for Christians. We sang well and some of us mimed part of the Easter story.

In maths, we have been very courageous by using all our skills with fractions and multiplication to solve lots of problems!

After designing our time machines this week, we ‘went back in time’! Being curious learners and using our knowledge of chronology, we had to use a timeline and figure out missing dates and events in world history. We then arrived in ancient Greece!