“Let every light shine” Matt. 5 v 16

Global Neighbours 

At Alpington we know that we are global citizens, neighbours to people across the world.  As we live out our Alpington values, we want to do our part in creating a more peaceful, more just world.  We are thinking about the impact of our actions on others in our school, our local community and in places across the world.  In the words of Gretta Thunberg “No one is too small to make a difference.” 

We are working towards a “Global Neighbours” accreditation from Christian Aid.  You can read more about the project here.  christianaid.org.uk/get-involved/schools/global-neighbours-accreditation-scheme 

We have a school council committee who are responsible for leading discussions and taking their ideas and learning back to their classes.  They began by meeting with Mrs Eland to create a Global Neighbours Prayer. 

As a staff we have been carefully considering how to make Alpington an Anti-Racist school.  We have been reading widely; both books and articles from different sources and we seek to take a proactive approach that has a genuine impact at school and beyond.  We will be working together, including the school council and governors, to create an anti-racist statement which we will publish over the next few weeks.  We will then look for ways to live out this statement across all aspects of school life. 

Our Collective worship theme this term is “Alpington Connected!” Thank you for all the pictures for our display.  We have loved exploring the ways our families, friends and teachers are connected to people and places all across the world.  It has led to some great discussions about how places are the same and different, and what life is like for people in different parts of the world.  

Our Global Neighbours Team have been challenging us with big questions each weekWe then meet to see which questions we can answer and what action we can take. 

Week beginning 12.2.24 

“Is there enough food in the world for everyone?” 

This week we have been thinking about how our food connects us to the outside world.  We started by reading “There’s a Rang -Tan in my bedroom”.  You may remember learning this poem when you were in KS1 during lockdown – the video is here for you to watch again! 

Some children have made posters and information Power Points to raise awareness of how we can use our choices to support the production of sustainable palm oil and fairly traded chocolateMore to come on this over the coming weeks! 

Week beginning 29.1.24 

“Is money the answer to everything” 

We talked about how money connects us to others around the world when we buy things that are grown or made in other parts of the world.  We talked about how we can make a difference to the world in what we spend our money on.  Examples the children came up with were how not buying Russian oil or choosing fair trade tea and coffee.   

We had a whole school debate about if money was the answer to everything.  We had lots of really interesting ideas. 

“Money straight away means that there is rich and poor”. 

“You have to have money to pay for the things that you really need, like a house and food”. 

“You can’t buy a family or your friends”. 

“Some things are worth more than money, like memories”. 

“How do we decide who is rich or poor anyway?” 

“If you had all the money in the world nothing would be a treat anymore and there would be nothing to look forward to.  It wouldn’t make you happy”. 

If you haven’t got enough money it makes people sad and causes arguments”.

Week beginning 22.1.24 

“How can we check that what we read online is true?”

Some of the questions really made us thinkOur Global Neighbours Team created some posters to help us think about how we can check what we are reading is true.