“Let every light shine” Matt. 5 v 16

Reading corner

Welcome to our reading corner!

At Alpington we love reading and want children to know the joy and excitement of getting stuck into a really good book.

Inspiring children to read is an ongoing project, involving both school and home.  There is a whole world of books out there and it’s not always easy to know what’s good, what’s age appropriate and what your unique individual child with enjoy.  Like adults, children love to read the same books again and again and to read series of books by the same author.  However, it is also important to branch out and try something new.

Below are some recommendations from adults and children in our school.  There are also some websites which you might find useful.  There are some good search tools which filter books by age or theme and also some “best books ever” lists.

Whatever you enjoy, we would love to hear about it.  If you have a book recommendation for our list, please e-mail it to your class e-mail and we will keep this page up to date.

Mrs Ward recommends this classic. A story about shipwreck, survival and rescue.
Mrs Eland loves this Roald Dahl favourite.
Mrs Eland’s Picture book recommendation. There are more in the series if you enjoyed this one!.
Recommended by Mrs Green. “My granddaughter loved this and couldn’t put it down”.
Mrs York loves this book. It’s new – could you be the first in our school to discover it?
Miss Larter’s favourite and a big hit with all the children at Alpington from all year groups.
Class Books

Each class shares a book which they read as a class (except The Robins, who share lots of different books!) We try to link the book to our topic (although sometimes we read one just because it’s really good!!)

These websites might help you to discover something new!

We would recommend that you don’t worry too much about what age books are recommended for.  Older children will enjoy stories and picture books which are in theory for younger readers.

Be a little bit careful about the content of books for able younger readers.  Some children’s books tackle some tricky issues and it is always worth reading a book yourself first if you have any concerns.  This is especially true of children in year 5 and 6 who can tackle books aimed at older teenagers.

These websites allows you to search a big range of books by age or theme.  There is lots of other information for parents and children about books and reading too.