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Curriculum in EYFS

Early Years Foundation Stage

At Alpington we know that the children’s first year in school builds the foundations for the next 16 years of education and a life time of learning.

Learning in Early Years is about the development of the whole child. Children come to school with a whole range of experiences and at different stages of learning and development.  By carefully constructing a curriculum that is built around the individual child, ensures the foundations of early reading, writing and maths and focusses on wellbeing and self regulation, we ensure happy successful learners as the children move through our school.

Learning in EYFS is grounded in positive relationships between adults and children and between the children themselves.  Adults are skilled in observing and intervening in children’s play, ensuring maximum learning can arise from children’s own interests and fascinations.  Because the adults know the curriculum really well, they facilitate learning opportunities which develop the children’s knowledge, beginning with what is familiar and working towards the unfamiliar.

For some areas of learning we have purchased specific curricula.  These are:

Maths : White Rose Maths https://whiterosemaths.com/resources/early-years

Phonics: Bug Club Phonics https://alpington.norfolk.sch.uk/english/

RSHE: SCARF https://www.coramlifeeducation.org.uk/scarf

Curricula for all the other areas of learning have been specifically designed for Alpington children.

Click here to see our EYFS teaching and learning policy.

EYFS-Teaching and Learning policy 2022

Click here to see an example of the curriculum developed from child’s interests and fascinations

Click here to see the curriculum for different areas of learning at Alpington.

Communication and language

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Expressive Arts and Design


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Physical development

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Understanding the world

We have a huge range of books and stories to support learning in EYFS.  We have chosen a short list which we want the children to know really well. Click here to see how different books support the different areas of learning.  Out key texts are highlighted in yellow.

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Books to support learning